Former State Rep. Christine Ayala Goes To Court




Former State Rep. Christina Ayala will go on trial in September on election fraud charges after rejecting a plea deal Thursday.

Superior Court Judge Earl Richards continued the case for trial on Sept. 10 after Ayala, standing with her lawyer, Guy Soares, told the judge she wanted a trial.

“Then this case will be set down for trial,” the judge added.

“Have a good day,” Ayala quipped smiling as she and Soares later left the Golden Hill Street courthouse.

Wednesday rejected a plea deal on election fraud charges.

Assistant State’s Attorney Christopher Alexy declined comment.

Ayala, 31, who lost a primary for re-election to her house seat last

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Op-Ed: Billionaire Koch Brothers Set Sights On Surprising Issue Ahead Of 2016

koch borthers


This weekend, billionaire Charles Koch gave a speech in which he decried corporate cronyism and welfare – two things of which he’s been a huge part for a long time. He and his brother, David, have spent enormous amounts of money on elections, and on funding things like anti-climate science, to further their own interests and make themselves even wealthier. They have also benefited greatly from the disastrous Citizens United decision, which basically sold our government to people exactly like them.

Charles Koch got on the cases of both political parties in a rare speech in front of reporters on Saturday. According to Politico, he said that one …

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