Remember Elian Gonzalez? Now He Wants To Visit U.S.

elian then and now

Elian González, the 6-year-old Cuba who was snatched from his Miami relatives at gunpoint in 2000 to be returned to his father in Havana, is looking forward to returning to the U.S. Now 21, he said he wants to personally thank the people who helped him after he was miraculously found by fisherman hanging onto an innertube.

In a rare interview with him that aired Monday on ABC’s Good Morning America, González said he wants to spend time in the U.S. “to give my love to American people,” but also see a baseball game and visit art museums.

“For my family it has always been, we always have the …

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Do Bilingual Homes Raise Better Communicators?




Young children who hear more than one language spoken at home become better communicators, a new study finds. Effective communication requires the ability to take others’ perspectives.

Researchers discovered that children from multilingual environments are better at interpreting a speaker’s meaning than children who are exposed only to their native tongue.

The most novel finding is that the children don’t even have to be bilingual themselves — it’s the exposure to more than one language that is the key for building effective social communication skills.

Previous studies have examined the effects of being bilingual on cognitive development. This study, published online in Psychological Science, is the …

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