CT High School Program Aids ‘Border’ Students

border kid

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Some of the unaccompanied minors who made the dangerous trek across the border between Mexico and the United States are in Connecticut now, and are enrolled in local public schools.

One high school in New Haven has created a school within a school for immigrant students, both documented and undocumented. The International Academy at Wilbur Cross High School is designed to help recently-arrived young people adjust to their new lives here.

Francisco, 18, arrived in New Haven last year from Honduras. He came to see his mother after ten years apart, he said, to meet for the first time his sisters and brothers who live here, and to …

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U.S. Latinos’ Family Wealth Projected To Rise

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The economic and political strength of the Latino population is reshaping America.

“We are the next baby boom for the United States as far as wealth and household income growth,” said Carlos Gomez, president and CEO of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Greater Kansas City. The change is positive, Gomez said as the nation celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month.

Both political parties in the last presidential election included Latinos as key speakers, and the tone of immigration reform has changed from deportation to amnesty. Latinos are registering to vote in higher numbers and their participation at the polls is growing.

Janet Murguia, president and CEO of the National …

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