Former Mayor Eddie Perez Has Corruption Convictions Vacated


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Three months after the state Supreme Court found that former Hartford Mayor Eddie A. Perez did not receive a fair trial when he was convicted of corruption in 2010, Perez formally had his convictions thrown out Wednesday.

State prosecutors say they intend to try Perez again on the corruption charges, although no date for the trials have been set. Perez is scheduled to appear again in court on Nov. 14.

Judge Julia D. Dewey, who was the trial judge, took note of the Supreme Court decision and ordered the verdicts vacated.
Perez was convicted in 2010 of five extortion and bribery charges. The convictions were reversed by the state ...

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Danbury Candidates Spar Over “Two 110th Districts”

Emanuela Leaf

Challenger Emanuela Leaf, (R)

Bob godfrey

State Rep.Bob Godfrey (D) Photo credit:










Veteran lawmaker Rep. Bob Godfrey says if voters want to see what he has done for the city’s urban core in his 13 terms as a state legislator, they need only drive around Dnbury.

“From Main Street to the schools to Western (Connecticut State University) to transportation and roads and bridges — everywhere you look, there has been something I have happily touched,” said Godfrey, 68, who is running for a 14th two-year term. “I would like to continue to do that service.”

But Godfrey’s challenger said she has ...

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