Meet The Group Getting Latino Republicans Elected In California And the Southwest


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 By Adrian Carrasquillo

In the state of California, more than 90 Latino Republicans have been in elected – in just the last two years.

And there’s a group behind this eye-popping statistic, working to diversify the Republican Party one local and municipal election at a time in California.

“What we’re trying to do with GROW Elect is create a party where Hispanics can see themselves – where they actually see themselves – not as a community that can be outreached to, but as voters and citizens that are included,” said Ruben Barrales, the group’s CEO and a George W. Bush administration veteran.

GROW Elect, originally considered yet …

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In Bridgeport Latino Leader Americo Santiago: Says DeJesus Must Go

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Democratic nominee for State Senate Richard DeJesus

Americo Santiago, a veteran of Bridgeport Democratic politics who is influential in the Latino community, has been monitoring the troubled state Senate campaign of the party’s nominee, Richard DeJesus, while visiting Puerto Rico.

 “Rick should get out,” Americo said. “He has a lot (going) for himself. He’s a very nice individual. A good business person. He needs to take care of those personal issues and move on.”

Those issues being DeJesus’ hefty tax debt and questions about court documents that seem to indicate DeJesus owed child support for several years.

DeJesus is one of four candidates vying to replace state Sen. Andres Ayala, …

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