Latino Foods And Your Health





Latino health is affected by factors like food, genetics and lifestyle. Unfortunately, the combination of traditional cultural dishes found at home and increasingly sedentary lifestyle in America make Hispanic popula­tions more vulnerable to serious diseases like diabetes.

In 2013, The City of San Anto­nio Metropolitan Health District reported that more than one in seven San Antonio residents have been diagnosed with diabetes. If the current population continues to share these same food and lifestyle values, the next generation will (suffer).

“Food is everything for us La­tinos,” Sylvia Meléndez­ Klinger, an RDN and founder of Hispanic Food Communications, said. “Every week is something! Everything we do is …

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Hispanic Cultural Differences Cause Meriden Restaurant To Change It’s Name

 identity politics

After receiving complaints about it, owner Luis Negron is changing the name of his Colony Street, Meriden restaurant, formerly Coño Grill Restaurant.

The new name is El Condado Grill Restaurant, after the specific part of San Juan, Puerto Rico where his family is from.

“Seventy percent of the dishes I serve at the restaurant were made in that specific town,” Negron said. “They’re dishes that my father made, that were brought down from his mother.”

The former name of the restaurant at 105 Colony St. raised eyebrows because of its nuanced meanings. In some cultures, coño is considered a lewd term that may be offensive. But it is also used …

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