Latino GOP Mayoral Candidate in Bridgeport: Is He Really A Long Shot?

Photo: Autumn Driscoll / Hearst Connecticut Media

Photo: Autumn Driscoll / Hearst Connecticut Media


Enrique “Rick” Torres sat at one of the long wood tables in his popular Harborview Market.

It was late afternoon and the store and eatery in the picturesque Black Rock neighborhood was mostly empty, but the smell of the breakfasts, lunches and coffee served earlier hung in the air.

As he discussed the amazing twists in Bridgeport’s mayoral race and their implications on his own candidacy, his gesticulations revealed the black power tattoo Torres, who is Cuban, got on his right forearm last year to “bind myself to the black struggle.”

He has power, alright — political power.

Passionate and peculiar, Torres …

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Cubans Retire to Florida – With Help From U.S. Taxpayers

cuban and us flag

More Cubans are coming to Florida in their golden years to retire, able to tap U.S. government assistance even though they never lived or worked here.

The number of Cubans arriving over the age of 60 grew fivefold since 2010, according to state refugee data. At least 185 made the crossing in their 80s or 90s.

Unlike most other immigrants, Cubans qualify immediately for food stamps and Medicaid. If they are over 65 with little or no income, they also can collect a monthly check of up to $733 in Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

Cubans’ special status has enabled an increasing number of elderly to retire to the U.S. with

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