What Do Young Cuban-Americans Think About U.S. Embargo Against Cuba?

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The majority of young Cuban-Americans not only oppose the embargo against Cuba but are in favor of reestablishing relations with Havana, according to a poll taken by Miami’s Florida International University.
“We’re seeing a clear demographic change – younger people and those who have arrived from Cuba over the past few years favor a change in policy toward the island,” FIU professor Guillermo J. Grenier, one of the directors of the survey released Tuesday, told Efe.
The study found that 62 percent of Cuban-Americans between ages 18-29 oppose continuing the embargo that the United States has imposed on Cuba since 1962.
Sharing that opinion are 58 percent of Cubans of all ages who came to the United States since 1995, according to the survey, the seventh that FIU has taken since 1991.
More than half the Cuban-Americans in Miami-Dade County reject continuing the embargo and 71 percent think it never worked.
Support for the embargo has clearly plummeted from its 84-percent average in the 1990s.
Now 68 percent of the county’s Cuban-Americans want diplomatic relations with the island restored, a percentage that jumps to 90 percent among the youngest respondents.
The general U.S. population has also shown signs of reconciliation, with 56 percent in favor of normalizing relations between their country and Cuba, according to a recent study by the Atlantic Council think-tank.
To read the full story:  http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/politics/2014/06/17/most-young-cuban-americans-oppose-embargo/


One thought on “What Do Young Cuban-Americans Think About U.S. Embargo Against Cuba?

  1. Of all the polls I have ever seen. This is the most incorrect poll. As one of those in your demographic poll I know very few in my age group that agree with this poll. Cuba continues to oppress it’s people despite having trade with other countries. There is nothing that Cuba needs from the U.S that it can’t get from other western countries that it currently trades with. With that said the Cuban government does use the embargo to blame the poverty in Cuba on the U.S. Therefore it is stupid to assume that the government of Cuba at this point would allow the embargo to go away, if negotiations do take place the Cuban Government will do something horrific that will force the U.S off the negotiation table. Who will they blame for the misery if the embargo goes away.
    Wake up people the embargo is more a benefit to the Cuban government than to the U.S and until we have regime change serious negotiations on the issue will go no where.

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