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PETA’s New Approach In Reaching Out To Latinos


In the past, PETA’s outreach to Latinos consisted mostly of Spanish language translations of its brochures and campaign. It has now taken steps to provide this booming segment of the population with culturally appropriate information to promote animal rights and promote a healthier lifestyle in the Latino community.
According to a report, PETA hired its first Latino Community Outreach Coordinator last year to help the company revamp and rebrand its outreach as PETA Latino.
Renée Saldaña, the coordinator, began by redoing the website and strengthening the company’s social media presence with active Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts.
“People are really excited,” says Saldaña referring to the group’s 98,000+ Facebook followers and 10,000+ followers on Twitter.  She adds, “The community was waiting for this and, now that they have it, people are just eating it up.”
Following its well-known approach, to draw attention to their cause, the nonprofit group has engaged the assistance of Latino celebrities, all of whom donate their time and money to promote PETA.  They include Spanish language media personalities such as Marco Antonio Regil of game show “Minuto Para Ganar” and English Media Latino celebrities such as actress Constance Marie, formerly with the “George Lopez Show.”
One aspect of PETA Latino that separates it from its parent company is its strong focus on region-specific vegan cuisine, not just faux-meats. The company promotes animal rights by promoting vegetarian/vegan diets.
“Fifty percent of Latinos in the U.S. are lactose intolerant,” explains Saldaña, adding that “over 50 percent of Mexican-American women in the U.S. are not only just overweight, but they’re obese. This current diet that we have is hurting us.”
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