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Mexico Deports Thousands Of U.S. Citizens Every Year

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Patrick Kowalski was 26 when he got bored of his job in the U.S. and took a trip to Mexico on a tourist visa in search of adrenaline and ready for anything.
He wanted to live like a Mexican, he said, and get to know the historic and cultural sites that everybody around him seemed to be talking about.
He ended up settling in Acapulco, where he said he lived his dream life of little work and plenty of booze and marijuana — until he was accused of robbing a woman. The accuser went to authorities, who asked him for his passport. That’s when it emerged that his tourist permit to stay in Mexico had expired.
“I found myself in the prosecutor’s office in Acapulco, where they called immigration to deport me,” Kowalski told Fox News Latino a year after the incident, in a telephone interview from Miami, where he now lives.
“I never imagined that an American could be expelled from Mexico,” he added.
Not only can U.S. citizens get deported from Mexico, they do.
Deported Americans accounted for more than 2,000 cases in 2015, an average of five cases per day or more….
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