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La Vida Baseball

Hispanic Heritage Month: Vitilla-Style Baseball

Vitilla is a popular variation of stickball played primarily in the Dominican Republic.


A Vitilla is usually two plastic water jug caps that are pressed together.

Hitting a vitilla is not an easy thing to do as Twins slugger Nelson Cruz showed kids in Minnesota recently.

Vitilla-style baseball with Nelson Cruz and the Minnesota Twins
La Vida Baseball

How To Play Vitilla:

  • General Play: The team with the most runs at the end of the game wins. The number of innings is agreed upon before the game begins, as is the number of fielders. Scoring and innings are similar to baseball: each team gets to bat once an inning, and three outs ends a team’s turn at bat.
  • Batting: The lanzador throws the vitilla towards the strike target, the bateador stands in front of, but does not block, the target, and attempts to hit the vitilla. A strike is called if the vitilla hits the strike target, or the bateador swings and misses the vitilla, or the vitilla is hit foul with less than two strikes. There are no walks; hits and base running are similar to baseball, but there is no base leading or stealing.
  • Fielding: Fielders include the lanzador and two or three jardineros. There is no catcher; the lanzador typically keeps a large supply of vitillas nearby. Gloves are not typically worn. As in baseball, field outs are made by catching a hit ball before it hits the ground, or by tagging a runner with vitilla in hand, or by tagging a base and forcing an out.

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Publisher’s Note: Watch for Hispanic Heritage Month (9/15 – 10/15) special reports focused on community, arts & culture, education, economy, and politics.

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