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July 2, 2019

Baseball season is nearing the halfway point and CTLatinoNews.com (CTLN) and La Vida Baseball (LVB) are happy to share a new partnership celebrating America’s pastime and the passion of Hispanic/Latino fans!

The collaboration between CTLN and LVB will provide greater visibility to news coverage and storytelling where the sport and culture meet. After all, more than a quarter of Major League Baseball (MLB) players come from Latin America; the second highest ethnicity represented in The Game.

Adrian Burgos, Jr., the Editor at Large for La Vida Baseball expressed, 
“It’s no secret Connecticut is a baseball rivalry state and one that is divided when it comes to baseball. However, we believe the sport is a great unifier, especially for our Latino fans who have, until La Vida Baseball, not had a platform dedicated to baseball storytelling by 
Latinos for Latinos in topics that are dear to our heart. We’re excited 
to connect with CTLatinoNews.com community members in new and exciting ways.”

While a relatively young digital media company, LVB has made enormous strides in making a name for itself in a short period of time. As its name indicates, La Vida Baseball, which partners with the National Baseball Hall of Fame, focuses on Latino baseball stories. But, unlike other sports media, LVB goes beyond statistics, and into the heart, culture, and passion for the game, by its players and fans.

The content is presented mostly in English reflecting the majority of U.S. Hispanics; an underserved audience across all media platforms. As the only English language, news, information, and entertainment outlet dedicated to Hispanics/Latinos in Connecticut; CTLN shares LVB’s mission.

The CEO of La Vida Baseball, Jay Sharman, shared his excitement over the alliance. “Connecticut is a hotbed of passionate baseball fans and  CTLatinoNews.com is a great fit for our authentic, Latino lens on the sport. We’re delighted to partner with CTLN and provide our award-winning content directly to our fans.”

The passion Sharman refers to is the historic New York Yankees, Boston 
Red Sox rivalry, and of course, The Amazins…The New York Mets. But stories CTLN will highlight from LVB go beyond those storied baseball franchises and include the Latino stars across the league with an increased spotlight on Dominican Republic and Puerto Rican players.

CTLN’s Publisher and Executive Editor, Hugo Balta, shares in the enthusiasm of the partnership. “The quality of storytelling by La Vida Baseball has helped them reach over 10 million people per month. You don’t accomplish that feat without producing content that is inclusive and reflective of the Hispanic/Latino experience in the U.S. Those cultural nuances are really special and we’re excited to work with a team that “gets it”, like LVB.”

Sample stories like The Next Chapter For Carlos Beltrán, by LVB’s Roberto Salvador each week on CTLN.

Baseball is as American as flan de queso and dulce frio. CTLatinoNews.com and La Vida Baseball are bringing el sabor del beisbol to U.S. Hispanic sports fans!