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This week CTLN Opinion+ had a conversation with Ted Doolittle, healthcare advocate for Connecticut. Prior to this role, he supervised the Department of Health and Services under the Obama administration. Doolittle has had a long career in healthcare and in practicing law. The OHA is an interdependent government office tasked with handling any complications and information regarding medical coverage.

Healthcare is expensive and often complicated. The Office of the Healthcare Advocate is underutilized and a great tool for CT residents. During my conversation with Doolittle, he urged more Latinos to take advantage of the help the office provides. He said OHA can provide assistance for healthcare enrollment, claims denial, and any billing questions.

In recent years there has been a dispute between private healthcare and government-funded healthcare at the federal and state level. It is one of the most contentious topics in politics and at dinner tables. Doolittle, while a supporter of medicare, gave us a realistic view of medicare. While Medicare for all is ideal, it won’t solve all of the problems with healthcare in the country and his office will still be necessary. 

The mission of the office of the OHA is to assist people from all communities with healthcare issues. OHA assists in making informed decisions when selecting healthcare options. The office has a Spanish speaking staff ready to assist the community.

Health insurance is difficult to navigate and many of us do not know our options for healthcare. More often than not many people ignore their health issues and stress over the ability to pay for treatment. The OHA strives to counsel Latinos and all other communities on making smart and informed choices. People should not worry about the cost of their health when seeking treatment. 

Resources mentioned in the video: 

-For more information about the OHA: 


-For any questions about denied insurance claim or billing questions: 

Email:   healthcare.advocate@ct.gov

Phone:   866-466-4446

-For information about the COVID-19 vaccine and where to find a location: