CTLN Opinion+: Katie Dykes, Commissioner of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

Understanding climate change and actions to protect the environment

Katie Dykes, Commissioner of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

Description of the video: 

One of the major concerns across the country is the environment and the effects of climate change. This week CTLN Opinion+ spoke to Katie Dykes, Commissioner of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. We spoke to the commissioner about the importance of understanding climate change and actions Latinos can do to protect the environment. 

Connecticut is a state that acknowledges the effects of climate change, Commissioner Dykes pointed to unusually hot days and the tropical storm Isaias, as examples of climate change. The tropical storm damaged parts of CT including the Department of Veteran Affairs campus. 

During our conversation with the commissioner we discussed the effects of climate change on communities of color and of lower income. In order to reverse the effects on our community, Governor Lamont expanded the Governor’s Council on Climate Change to reduce greenhouse gases. Commissioner Dykes emphasized the council’s and her department’s goal for equity in distributing the costs and benefits in implementing a low carbon future and addressing the disproportionate impact climate change has on communities of color. 

Resources mentioned in the video:

The Department of Energy and Environmental protection has information available on how to be more energy efficient during the winter. As well as finding solutions to energize your home with an energy check up. 

Energy Efficiency programs https://www.energizect.com/

Residential buildings are responsible for 33% of total energy consumption. The majority of the energy usage in the home is space heating and cooling, appliances and lighting, and water heating and refrigeration. Learn how to save energy and reduce costs with the Residential action on climate change. 

Residential action on climate change: https://portal.ct.gov/DEEP/Climate-Change/Residential-Buildings

For more information about the plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 40% and how the Governor’s Council’s updates. 

Governor’s Council on Climate Change (GC3) Public Forums, including on Environmental Justice:  https://portal.ct.gov/DEEP/Climate-Change/GC3/Public-Forums

(Photo credit: CTMirror)