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CTLN Opinion+

CTLN Opinion+: Dr. Virginia Bieluch, The Hospital of Central Connecticut

Title: Latinos and necessary conversations about COVID-19

Description of the video:

We are joined by Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Virginia Bieluch  from the Hospital of Central Connecticut to have a very important conversation about COVID-19. We discuss the rapid development of a functioning and protective vaccine. 

Latinos makeup 16 percent of the population of Connecticut and Black people 10% and are disproportionately affected by the virus. We ask Dr. Bieluch about how latinos can curb the spread around the community by wearing masks in large groups and following social distancing guidelines. 

Resources mentioned in the video:

 Hartford Healthcare Center: 

  • one-stop testing centers at conveniently located locations throughout the state.
  • offer exams for adults and children of all ages, when accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • mobile center testing in areas throughout the state.
  • Information available in spanish and english 
  • Spanish speaking clinicians available  

website :

During this time it is important to not forget our mental health and make it a priority. Hartford Healthcare has avenues available for latinos. 

-Hartford Healthcare Rushford (877) 577.3233

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