CTLN Opinion+: Cheri Quickmire


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Description of the video: 

The country was in the final stretch of the election on Friday, while Connecticut’s seven electoral votes were counted without much of a hassle the same cannot be said for several other states. This week CTLN Opinion+ discussed the election and voter protection with Cheri Quickmire, Executive Director of Common Cause in Connecticut. 

Common Cause, is a non-partisan, nonprofit organization working towards voting rights protection and an open, honest, and accountable government for everyone. We discussed Common Causes ongoing efforts to amend the state’s constitution for early voting and expand automatic voter registration.

Because Connecticut residents come from different fields and backgrounds, Common Cause supports modernization to make voting more flexible. In this election, we are seeing more early voting and mail-in voting than in previous elections. While this is because of the pandemic, early voting increases participation. 

In our conversation with the director we react and discuss the validity of the potential lawsuits, the president had filed against some states and the “poll watchers” outside of polling places. Director Quickmire then explained the process of counting ballots and the time that it takes. 

CTLN Opinion+ is a space to discuss the concerns of the Latino community, this election is one of the most important for the community.