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Leader of Connecticut Students for a DREAM Hospitalized With No Insurance



Carolina Bortoletto at a Connecticut Students for a DREAM rally.
Photo Credit: Bortoletto family


Ten million uninsured people nationwide have enrolled in private health care coverage under the Affordable Care Act known as Obamacare. But it doesn’t cover everyone living in the U.S., like undocumented residents. This includes the Bortoletto sisters who live in Connecticut.

The Bortolettos came to this country with their parents 16 years ago from Brazil. After graduating from high school and college, Camila and Carolina Bortoletto co-founded Connecticut Students for a DREAM to advocate for the rights of undocumented youth like them.

Camila said they weren’t afraid to tell their story because of the barriers they experienced. “For me, the turning point came after I graduated college,” she said. “After graduation, I found myself with a degree, but unable to work because of my undocumented status.”

Connecticut Students for a DREAM helped win in-state …

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After Obamacare Deadline: Obstacles For Latinos Who Want To Use The System

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Bill Sarno

As the second annual open enrollment for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act nears its Feb. 15 deadline, organizations such as the Connecticut Health Foundation, the Hispanic Federation and the Hispanic Health Council are looking beyond the immediate need to sign up as many people as possible.

These organizations are focusing on longer term issues related to health insurance and well-being of a Latino participation which has a higher rate of uninsured and a greater incidence of some ailments, such as diabetes, than the general population.

A major emphasis is on bolstering the dialogue with health-oriented state departments that would accelerate implementation of the federally supported No Wrong Door initiative, increasing the use of community agencies to explain health insurance and to enroll Latinos and other under-served groups in the so-called Obamacare health plans.

For the Hispanic Health Council, one of those community agencies working with …

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Enrolling Latinos For Health Insurance A Major Priority


Photo: Nancy Stone, Chicago Tribune

Photo: Nancy Stone, Chicago Tribune

Bill Sarno

As Access Health CT’s 2014-15 enrollment for the Affordable Care Act gets under way one of the major challenges is to sign up more people, particularly Latinos, despite having less time for outreach than during the program’s initial rollout.

However, Access Health CT, which is the state’s health insurance exchange, is getting a big boost in its three-month drive to close a significant health coverage gap between Hispanics and the general population from a partnership of the Hispanic Federation, AARP and Latino Community Services.

Each partner brings resources and strong community bonds to the table. In addition, the Federation and AARP participated in last year’s multi-state Latino Affordable Care Act Education Campaign.

It is this “breadth of engagement” that is the strength of this alliance, said Ingrid Alvarez, Hispanic Federation’s Connecticut state director, in a press release announcing the partnership’s role.…

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