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Foundation Works to Engage Diverse Groups In Improving Health System

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The Connecticut Health Foundation’s (CT Health) board of directors recently awarded $350,000 to four nonprofit organizations throughout the state to increase the diversity of consumers participating in health reform implementation and advocacy.

“The foundation recognizes that historically, health policy decisions have not always been influenced by those most affected by inadequate health care, particularly people of color,” says Patricia Baker, president and CEO of CT Health. “But today, funders, state officials, and advocates committed to health equity recognize the need for including people of color in reforming the health care system.”

“These grants demonstrate how seriously CT Health takes issues of equity, inclusion and fairness,” Baker said.

Led by executives and/or boards of color, the organizations selected to receive grants under CT Health’s one-year initiative, Diverse Advocacy and Consumer Engagement in Health Reform, bring a unique set of skills, community relationships, and knowledge of the needs and preferences of …

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State Still Doesn’t Know How Many Latinos Signed Up for Health Insurance

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While nationally, millions of Latinos in the US failed to sign up for federally-mandated healthcare insurance through the Affordable Care Act, in Connecticut, data is still not available on how many Latinos signed up locally during the enrollment period that ended in March.

While Latinos made up 29 percent of all the country’s uninsured before the ACA, only about 10 percent of all enrollees who signed up for insurance through ObamaCare were Latino, according to a study from the Department of Health and Human Services.

The report adds that 31 percent of the country’s 8 million enrollees did not report an ethnicity, and those who identified as Latino made up 7.4 percent of enrollments in states with federal exchanges.  The report also leaves out statistics from the 15 state-run exchanges, including Connecticut.

Access Health CT, the state body tasked with implementing the ACA in Connecticut, is …

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Latino Healthcare Sign-Ups In California Surged In Final Month


Enrollment by Latinos in California’s healthcare insurance exchange surged in the final month of sign-ups after an intensive push to reach that key population.

“Our enrollment became more diverse in this last month, particularly among California’s Latino population; our enrollment became younger,” Covered California Executive Director Peter Lee said during a conference call with reporters Thursday after testifying with the heads of other state exchanges on Capitol Hill.

With 1.2 million signed up for private plans, Lee said, “We’re proud of that accomplishment. We think it’s something that is giving peace of mind to many Californians. But we’re not done.”

Lee attributed the increased interest among Latinos to the fact that Covered California escalated its outreach in seven communities within the state that had low enrollment among Latino Californians: “I’m happy to note that hard work appeared to have paid off…. Our focus both by region, and on in-person and

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