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Op-Ed: Should We Stop Calling People Of Color ‘Minorities”?



Who identifies as a “minority” when it comes to race in America? Many Fusion writers and editors find the label misleading and misplaced—and we suspect we’re not alone. What makes the word “minorities” (and, similarly, “nonwhite”) so loaded with misdirection is that it defines American people of color by the negative: not white. Using the terms racial “minorities” and “nonwhite” center all of us around whiteness, as though whiteness were the default against which people are determined.

“People of color” is Fusion’s suggested alternative. It doesn’t rely on whiteness as a default in the way “minorities” and “nonwhite” do. Except when individuals prefer identifying as minorities, Fusion supports ...

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Op-Ed: Puerto Rico Rescue Effort: Incompetence, Negligence or Indifference?


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-OP-Ed -As published in The Hartford Courant

Diane alverio photo small  Diane Alverio/CTLatinoNews.com

At first it was heartbreaking, then after days of seeing the photos of the ongoing suffering and devastation caused in Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria, for many the sadness turned to anger.

It was known immediately the storm had wiped out most of Puerto Rico’s electric, water and communications infrastructures, as well as roads throughout the country. Complicating emergency relief efforts to the island even further were the local bureaucracy and that the entry points by air and sea were not fully functional.

It seems it would be clear to everyone; time was of the essence. The White House ...

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El GRITO DE CARMEN–San Juan’s Mayor Grabs Mantle Of Leadership In Wake Of A Killer Hurricane

carmen yulan cruz

Carmen Yulín Cruz, Mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Photo Credit: Andrea Crossan/PRI


David-Medina-2David Medina

If the election for governor of Puerto Rico were to be held right now, or even in November of 2020, assuming the Financial Control Board hasn’t outlawed elections by then, San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz Soto would win by an overwhelming landslide for the way she stood up to Donald Trump in the aftermath of a killer hurricane that devastated the island.

In fact, as the first elected official from Puerto Rico EVER to publicly stick it to the President of the United States for his country’s typical indifference to the island’s concerns, ...

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