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Op-Ed: Hurricane Maria: A Blessing In Disguise


Photo credit: PBS.org

Photo credit: PBS.org



David-Medina-2 David Medina/CTLatinoNews.com

In ways that Puerto Ricans are just now appreciating, Hurricane Maria, the storm that ripped across the island at 155 miles per hour and has so far taken the lives of 16 people, appears more and more like a blessing in disguise.

Why, you ask? Because it has offered Puerto Ricans around the globe a golden opportunity to look themselves in the face and see what they are made of.

Most significantly – and this did not go unnoticed by the rest of the world – it seemed to turn all 9 million of them into a powerful self-preserving single organism.

Knowing ...

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Op-Ed: Puerto Rico Rescue Effort: Incompetence, Negligence or Indifference?


Photo:  YouTube.com

-OP-Ed -As published in The Hartford Courant

Diane alverio photo small  Diane Alverio/CTLatinoNews.com

At first it was heartbreaking, then after days of seeing the photos of the ongoing suffering and devastation caused in Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria, for many the sadness turned to anger.

It was known immediately the storm had wiped out most of Puerto Rico’s electric, water and communications infrastructures, as well as roads throughout the country. Complicating emergency relief efforts to the island even further were the local bureaucracy and that the entry points by air and sea were not fully functional.

It seems it would be clear to everyone; time was of the essence. The White House ...

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Op-Ed: Should We Stop Calling People Of Color ‘Minorities”?



Who identifies as a “minority” when it comes to race in America? Many Fusion writers and editors find the label misleading and misplaced—and we suspect we’re not alone. What makes the word “minorities” (and, similarly, “nonwhite”) so loaded with misdirection is that it defines American people of color by the negative: not white. Using the terms racial “minorities” and “nonwhite” center all of us around whiteness, as though whiteness were the default against which people are determined.

“People of color” is Fusion’s suggested alternative. It doesn’t rely on whiteness as a default in the way “minorities” and “nonwhite” do. Except when individuals prefer identifying as minorities, Fusion supports ...

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