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OP-ED: Latinos and President Trump


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Angelo Falcón

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It was at 2:45 am on Wednesday, November 9, 2016 that it really hit me that something profound had happened in American politics. They announced on the television that Hillary Clinton had just called Donald Trump to concede the Presidency. At that moment I could virtually feel the collective buttocks of the country’s political establishments, along with that of progressive outsiders, tighten every so much. America’s constipated political system just received a major suppository.

There had been much anticipation in the Latino community that reaction to Trump’s clearly anti-Mexican, anti-immigrant views would usher in an era of a new political influence for our community. Projections were ...

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OP-Ed: DEATH TO SHEFF – Fallacious School Integration Plan Is Running Out Of White People        

sheff vs. oneil


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The Earth shook on March 12.

The Hartford Courant, armed with mountains of statistical and anecdotal evidence, published the first in a series of articles that confirmed what most Hartford parents have known for 20 years: that the Sheff v. ONeill plan for desegregating Hartford Public Schools is racist to the core.

Yes, folks, Sheff is the embodiment of the very sickness it was intended to cure and its all laid out right there in the Courant.

The articles, perhaps the Courants best reporting in well more than a decade, dont come right out and say, Sheff is ...

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OP-ED | Candidates Must Commit to Updating Social Security for Our Futures

 social secuirty

by Iris Rivera-Acosta

One would hardly know from most of the news coverage around the elections, but voters really do want our political leaders to lay out their plans to keep Social Security financially sound for future generations. There is a pressing need for our presidential and congressional candidates to declare a commitment toward updating a Social Security program that was created more than 80 years ago.

The ripple effect from our nation’s leaders failing to take action to keep Social Security strong and solvent will not only be felt by our current citizens paying into the program, but our kids and grandkids as well.

Social Security does more than ...

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