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Is Speaking Spanish on the Job Okay?


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According to the Pew Hispanic Research Center, 88% the nations second generation Latinas and Latinos, are bilingual.  We are the sons and daughters of immigrants and grew up hearing both English and Spanish and speak both fluently.  It is easy for us to switch between our two languages and some of us find it hard not to use Spanish if we are speaking with friends and family.

So what about speaking Spanish in the workplace?  Is that okay to do or does it create a level of mistrust or even disrespect among your non-Spanish speaking co-workers? The answer is maybe.

There are some states that have gone to the extreme and tried to ban foreign languages from being used in public work sites and those laws have been largely overruled in the courts as discriminatory.  Your employer can however legally ask you to use English …

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Hispanic, Black And Asian Employees Paid Less By Tech Industry



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Silicon Valley has a well-publicized diversity problem. But a new study says that when minorities are hired at tech companies, they’re paid less than whites for doing the same job. The research, conducted by the American Institute for Economic Research, assessed the most influential technology companies and examined their workforces, taking into account race, education, occupation, age, geography, gender and citizenship status.

On average, Hispanic employees bring home $16,353 less every year than non-Hispanic colleagues, Asians earn $8,146 less than whites, and blacks earn $3,656 less than whites, the study found.

“What this tells us is that race and ethnicity matter, and they matter a lot,” Nicole Kreisberg, the senior research analyst on the project, told USA Today. “Simply increasing diversity is not enough. We also have to talk about money.”

Facebook, Apple, Yahoo, Google and a …

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Hispanic Fans Key To Growth Of Boxing And Mixed Martial Arts

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A Mixed Martial Arts match held at Mohegan Sun, the sport has gained popularity among Hispanics.

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We know boxing has long been a popular sport  among Hispanics, with such well known Latinos in the ring as Carlos Ortiz in the ‘60s, Hector ‘Macho” Camacho and Miguel Cotto, whose fight at Madison Square Garden remains one of the top ticket sellers of all times.

But in recent years, Mixed Martial Arts, the sport that combines boxing with grappling and kicks, has grown tremendously in popularity among Hispanics, making up  50 percent of its fan base.  The sport, which has roots in Brazil in the 1920’s, was officially brought to this country in 1993 and the Ultimate Fighting Championship, a promotion company was created.  MMA is a full-contact combat sport that allows the use of both striking and grappling techniques, both standing and on the ground, from a variety …

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