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Fortune 500 Companies Say They Haven’t Figured Out How to Include Latinos In Top Tier Jobs

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Corporate America has a Latino problem.

By now, it almost a cliché – but the numbers continue to back it up. Across the nation’s Fortune 500 companies, there are just 10 Hispanic CEOs and only 3 percent of Latinos serve on corporate boards. That is about 137 out of 5,500 available board seats – the suits at the top of the proverbial ladder. The numbers are abysmal, especially when you consider Latinos constitute 17 percent of the nation’s population and have a purchasing power upwards of $1.3 trillion, and growing.

Companies say they value Latino money, but haven’t yet figured out how to include Latinos in the decision making.

Enter the Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility, a national organization looking to advance the inclusion of Hispanics in Corporate America.

“There’s still this so called ‘good old boys’ club of board members who really keep to their vest …

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Motives For Herbalife Criticism By Hispanics Questioned

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 Recently, Mary Sanders, executive director of the Spanish Speaking Center of New Britain, warned the Latino community about what the center called the “predatory and deceptive business practice” of the marketing company, Herbalife. Sanders wanted Latinos to know that the center has resources to share with anyone harmed by Herbalife.
Jackie Dobrich, a Herbalife member from Berlin and a Latina, called Sanders’ words “not only untrue and misleading, but also very harmful to a community she is supposed to help and protect.”
Dobrich added that “the most honest and accurate thing Ms. Sanders stated was admitting that her organization was receiving money from billionaire Wall Street hedge fund manager, Bill Ackman. It became clear another trusted member of a community was being bought and paid for by an investor to spread misinformation.”
According to Dobrich, Ackerman is creating “a misinformation campaign trying to destroy Herbalife because if the stock price …

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Latino Millennials On Same Path As Parents Towards Financial Insecurity

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When it comes to money, Latinos see spending, saving and investing through a different lens. While the Suze Ormans and Dave Ramseys of the financial world bluntly advise people to think of themselves first when it comes to their money, most Latinos do the exact opposite.

In fact, a recent Wells Fargo survey found that 55 percent of Latinos see investing in their children’s lives as their retirement plan.

What’s equally disturbing is the following survey finding:

And while 92 percent of Hispanics say their parents talked “a lot” or “sometimes” about how important hard work was while they were growing up, fewer than half report that parents devoted as much time to educating them about financial issues.

It’s troubling because 61 percent of Latino Millennials (ages 24-34) turn to their family and friends for financial advice, according to the just released TD Bank Financial Education Survey.…

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