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Conditions In Canadian-owned Factories Are The Worst In Honduras

Conditions in Canadian-owned Gildan garment factories are among the worst in Honduras says Reyna Tejada, a former factory worker and representative from CODEMUH, a feminist labour organization. Tejada was in Vancouver to speak at the CUPE-BC convention, held April 29 to May 2.

Gildan factories produce t-shirts, fleeces and apparel for other  companies to put their logos and graphics on. The company currently has  contracts for brands such as New Balance and Secret.



Founded in Montreal  in 1984, Gildan closed its last factory in Canada in 2007, moving  manufacturing to countries where it can take advantage of free trade  zones and cheap labour. Gildan’s market share doubled between 2009 and  2013, and since Canada and Honduras have signed a fair trade agreement,  in 2014, Gildan is planning to increase sales in Canada.

Gildan has been accused of firing workers for organizing unions and failing to comply …

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Google To Invest $150 Million To Increase Diversity Among Tech Workers



Google is upping the ante in the quest for diversity. The tech giant plans to spend $150 million on an extensive campaign to bring more women and racial minorities into the industry, USA Today reported in an exclusive interview with Nancy Lee, Google’s vice president of people operations.

Last year the company spent some $115 million on its diversity initiatives, but Lee told USA Today that this figure alone doesn’t show the depth of Google’s investment. It’s also reflected in the company’s various programs and strategies—which include regularly evaluating its hiring, promotion, performance-evaluation and compensation programs for fairness, and embedding company engineers at HBCUs to teach and evaluate the schools’ computer science curricula.

“Our strategy is extremely long-term. Sure, we are doing things that can show an impact maybe this year, maybe next year. But we recognize that there is not enough talent entering into our industry and that

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Should You Use ‘Spanglish’ To Take Your Hispanic Marketing To The Next Level?



For awhile now, Hispanic Marketing online ( has been championing the importance of a dual-language strategy for targeting U.S. Hispanics. However, there is a third “language” that U.S. Hispanics connect with and marketers often overlook: Spanglish.

Spanglish is all about interchanging español and English within the same communication. Informal and conversational, it’s something today’s U.S. Hispanics know well; this is how many of them communicate.

So what happens when a brand tries to communicate with Hispanics in Spanglish? Before we go into a detailed example on how this might look in practice, let’s take a look at the overall numbers of language usage.

What the Data Says

The number of dual-language households is on the rise with a reported half of second generation Hispanics being bilingual. Though English is rising as a dominant language among younger generations, the ability to speak Spanish is still held …

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