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New Twist On Herbalife And Hispanic Community Saga

By Chris Bragg
Facing a massive public relations campaign against it, the nutrition sales company Herbalife has adopted an intriguing strategy in recent months: Donating to local chapters of the Latino rights nonprofit whose national leadership is seeking its demise.
The Herbalife donations have sparked controversy within the charity, the League of United Latin American Citizens, the nation’s oldest and biggest Latino rights group with 1,000 chapters in the United States and Puerto Rico. LULAC is holding its ritzy week-long annual convention at the Hilton in midtown Manhattan this week, featuring appearances from Mayor Bill de Blasio and Michelle Obama, and boasting some 20,000 attendees.
Dissent has been brewing over the LULAC leadership’s aggressive fight against Herbalife, and questions about whether it fits into the broader mission of the nonprofit, founded in 1929, to fight discrimination against Hispanics. LULAC’s muscular response has been

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CT Latino Ad Agencies: How To Really Reach the Hispanic Market

Annika Darling


In politics, it has become suicidal to ignore the Latino vote. In business, ignoring Latino tastes is equally as foolish.

One in six Americans is Hispanic. By 2015 Latino buying power is estimated to reach $1.5 trillion; this represents 11 percent of the nation’s total buying power. That is why business leaders, entrepreneurs and media across the U.S. have been  getting serious about pursuing the Latino consumer  dollar. What they have come to realize, however, is that the Latino consumer is complex.

Wooing the Latino consumer, as local Latino ad agencies in CT can attest to, is a complicated matter. It is more about cultural intelligence than simply translating English copy into someone’s native language.

Such challenges, however, come only after an agency can get their foot in the door as a reputable agency for Latino marketing.  And accessing a marketing budget from potential  advertisers – …

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Are Latinas Good Negotiators? No!


The problem of over-achieving women receiving under-achieving results is everywhere. So why is that?  In a word, ‘negotiation’ says Mariela Dabbah, best-selling Argentinian-born author of “Find Your Inner Red Shoes.”


– Women are convinced that their circumstances are fixed and out of their control, whereas men tend to see negotiation possibilities everywhere.

– Women see common interest and try to find a joint solution, whereas men say, “This is what I want and I won’t budge.”

– A women’s sense of entitlement is weaker in females than in men. A study conducted by two psychologists found that females would pay themselves 19% less than males would for the same task.

– Unlike men, women don’t lobby for pay raises *in advance* of performance evaluations. Then when pay-raises occur, managers (male or female) think Jane didn’t ask for anything so I can give her a …

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