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Study Shows More Women At The Helm Of U.S. Businesses

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When it comes to small business in the United States, more women are running the show.
On Wednesday, the National Women’s Business Council released an analysis of preliminary Census data which showed there were nearly 10 million women-owned small businesses in the U.S. in 2012, a 27.5% increase from 2007. (The Census defines a woman-owned business as one where a woman owns 51% or more of the business equity or stock).

While men still own more businesses than women, women-owned businesses grew at a rate of four times that of male-owned businesses. In 2012, men owned nearly 15 million businesses.

Overall, women-owned businesses earned a total of $1.6 trillion between 2007 and 2012 and the vast majority (89.4%) were run by sole proprietors, meaning the only employee was the owner.

The report, which pulled data from the Census’s Survey of Small Business Owners, also highlighted major increases in small business …

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Entrepreneur And Visionary Giving Voice To Latinas In Tech

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You know that feeling you get when you meet someone who is so bold and has so much gumption that you just want to bottle it up so you can take a swig whenever you need a little boost? This is how I felt when I spoke with Deldelp Medina. Co-founder of Avion Ventures, Deldelp is helping Latinas all over the country bring their useful and often revolutionary ideas to market. And she’s doing it with such passion that I wanted to introduce you to her and the great work she is doing in the world.

I recently spoke with Deldelp to find out about key decisions she’s made in her life, her career path, and what advice she has for young Latina women who are ready to make their mark.

What do you do?

Our company Avion Ventures runs a pre-accelerator for Latinas in the mobile space. That means …

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The Latino Workforce Catering To The Hamptons’ Super-rich: ‘This Is Not Paradise For Me’

Main Street, East Hampton, the Hamptons, Long Island, New York Photo:

Main Street, East Hampton, the Hamptons, Long Island, New York

Every summer, the Hamptons becomes a billionaires’ playground. In the collection of historic towns and villages on the Atlantic Ocean where beachfront mansions change hands for more than a $100m (£64m), the streets are lined with designer boutiques and the roads are clogged bumper-to-bumper with Ferraris, Range Rovers and Maseratis.

Life is not so much fun, however, for the army of local people and recent immigrants who work to keep the swelling numbers of the super-rich happy. And as Labor Day approaches – the unofficial end of the American summer – life is likely to get worse.

“This is not paradise for me,” said Natacha Castillo, 19, who came from the Dominican Republic to Southampton, which is regarded as the most luxurious area of the Hamptons, in search of a better life three years ago. She didn’t find …

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