With An Eye On 2016, Jeb Bush Urges GOP To Court Latino Voters

jeb bush
Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush says he’s focused on a possible 2016 presidential run, and that his family, including his wife, Columba, is totally supportive of it.
In a conference call Monday with supporters, Bush, a Republican, said he planned to release on Tuesday thousands of e-mail and the first chapter of an e-book he thinks will highlight his compassionate leadership style and deep conservative credentials.
Bush stressed the importance of a better GOP relationship with Latinos, and called on his allies to reach out to this electorate and other groups critical to the GOP’s 2016 prospects.
“Because our message was maybe too harsh or our harsher voices are the ones that seem to have dominated, we’ve lost a little ground,” he said. “But the fact that I’m bilingual, bicultural can’t hurt.”
Bush’s wife Columba is from Mexico. He is fluent in Spanish, and received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas in Latin American studies.
The Republican said the Monday morning conference call that he would release the materials on a new website. While many news outlets previously obtained the emails from Bush’s time in office, the former two-term governor suggested his interaction with constituents and staff would help shape his message in a prospective presidential campaign.
“One of things that came out of this was a sense there is a story to be told here,” Bush said, describing “a style of leadership that tried to help people” and an ideological consistency “where I think we stayed true to conservative perspective.”
The Associated Press was provided dial-in details and listened to the call that was intended for former staff and high-level supporters from his previous campaigns.
Bush has yet to announce his political intentions, but he has been among the most aggressive GOP presidential prospects in recent weeks. He continues to court top political donors across the country, while reviving and expanding a political machine that was largely dormant in the eight years since he left…….
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