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Who Made Latina Magazine's Most Inspiring Latinas List?

Dolores Huerta

Dolores Huerta co-founded the United Farm Workers along with Cesar Chavez. Her organization and negotiation skills proved instrumental in bringing attention to migrant workers. She officially stepped down from the UFW in 1999, but she wasn’t done yet. She created the Dolores Huerta Foundation in the early aughts, and is still fighting inequality. “You can see we have a long road to travel despite all our achievements since the 70s, a long way to go in terms of our numbers compared with our representation,” she told wire news service Efe

Bianca Jagger

The former actress is a human rights activists, and as such, she has been vocal about genocide, women’s rights, climate change and corporate social responsibility. She also founded the Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation, which is dedicated to research, education and advocacy. Late last year, she talked about violence against women in a lecture. “We are deluding ourselves if we think we have eradicated discrimination from the so-called developed world,” she said. “I fear that under the surface of our western democratic, egalitarian societies, embedded deep in our culture, still lurks an institutionalised belief that women are inferior.”

Elizabeth “Betita” Martinez                 

     elizabethMartinez                  Betita Martinez has played a role in the Civil Rights and the women’s liberation movement. She’s now helping a new generation of organizers. Martinez explains that her work has required a little bit of luck. “That has been a wonderful opportunity, to be at those intersections,” she said to “The intersections have always been there, people were waiting to see that the intersections were being made. I was just lucky, I happened to come along during those moments.”

Jessica González-Rojas

Jessica González-Rojas is the executive director of the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, and her work has touched gender, immigration, reproductive health, LGBTQ-liberation and labor rights organizations. She works to break down barriers and has helped disprove stereotypes about what matters to Latino voters and also about the way this group views sexual health issues.


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