Trump and Clinton Record Pitches To Win Over Hispanic Evangelicals

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In separate pre-recorded videos, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump sought to court Hispanic Christian voters with messages of hope for families struggling financially.
In a two-minute video that aired at the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC) in California, the presumptive Republican nominee vowed to curb minority unemployment and stop illegal drug cartels.
“National – Hispanic – Christian: three great words. We’re going to take care of you. We’re going to work with you. You’re going to be very happy. You’re going to like President Trump,” he said.
The billionaire said if elected to the White House, he would “bring back jobs” to the U.S., would create schools in unsafe communities that are “very, very unfair to Hispanics and frankly everybody else” and do “massive tax cuts” for the middle class.
“We’re going to take care of minority unemployment. It’s a huge problem. It’s really unfair to minorities and we are going to solve that problem and it’s going to be solved once and for all,” Trump said. “We’re going to bring back jobs. You’re going to start paying taxes after you make a lot of money. Hopefully that’s going to be soon. We’re going to make great, great trade deals. So important.”
The video appeared to have been shot on a cell phone aboard his plane, with the real estate mogul reading from notes on a single piece of paper in his hand.
Trump said cutting down on illegal immigration would block the flow of drugs into the U.S.
“We’re going to strengthen our borders. People are going to come into our country. But they’re going to come in through…..
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