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Sen. Cruz's Wife May Be His Biggest Political Asset


As the old saying goes, behind every good man is a good woman.
Or in Ted Cruz’s case, behind the firebrand Tea Party senator from Texas is his Harvard Business School-educated, Goldman Sachs managing wife.
During a Republican primary season that has seen criticism leveled against the field for relegating the spouses of the predominately male field to little more than arm candy status, Heidi Cruz has become a vital cog in the machine driving her husband’s run for the GOP nomination.
Cruz’s main role early on in her husband’s campaign has been working the phones to draw in donors, a job she seems adept at given that the Cruz camp hauled in about $12 million in contributions and ended with nearly $13.5 million in the bank last quarter. But she has recently taken her talents on the road to rally voters in the lead up to the fast- approaching Iowa caucus – where the Texas lawmaker is currently sitting in third in most polls.
“I just want to do whatever I can do for Ted and the team to help win this election,” Heidi Cruz told Fox News Latino during a phone call from Alabama, where she was to file ballot access forms on behalf of her husband.
She added: “It’s really rewarding for me to meet people and hear them say that they are with us.”
The willingness of the Cruz campaign to put his wife on the campaign trail so early in the season is vastly different from the attitudes of his GOP rivals. Marco Rubio’s wife, Jeanette, says she is content with being a stay-at-home mom; Jeb Bush’s wife, Columba, shies from the political spotlight; and Melania Trump has been called by the New York Times as “passive” and her role in her husband’s campaign as “one seeming to predate gender equality.”
Unlike Cruz’s fellow GOP contenders, the candidate’s wife is not shy about going on the stump thanks to her political acumen and ability to draw in prospective voters.
“She is a huge asset for the Cruz campaign,” a spokesperson for the Cruz campaign told FNL. “She can speak to a side of the senator that others have not seen before.”
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