Say hello to the new; re-brand and new digital transformation announcement



April 8, 2019 says bye to 2009 digital; says hello to 2019 digital.

Hartford, Connecticut – Today, launched a newly rebranded and fresh source.  As Connecticut’s only English language digital news outlet serving Latinos and Hispanics in the community, CTLN has been a vital resource to the residents of Connecticut, and now with a brand new website, the small news organization is positioned to be as influential as any other local news source across the states.

The digital transformation stems from a source of ten steady years with a successful business model, and has begun to facilitate innovative ways to update and inform the public.  A new seamless production and purposeful design for the site helps to capture the reader’s attention and engage their interests per categories and long-form content.

Previously owned and operated by Diane Alverio, when Hugo and Adriana Balta discovered CTLN, they understood the value in the news source and saw the potential to be an even greater way to serve the Latino and Hispanic community of Connecticut.  Hugo’s passion for his community is showcased by working with the team to bring CTLN up to par with other local news organizations, all within 45 days of acquiring CTLN. While many local newsrooms are finding difficulty engaging a new following and keeping sustained and steady revenue, it is rare that outlets can do one of two, very few can do both, and this is where CTLN stands out from the rest.

“Creating our new website has opened up the doors to compatibility with the modern age, by adding in multimedia content,” said Hugo Balta, CTLN Publisher and Executive Editor.  “By reinventing, we are adding in the opportunity for new exciting ways to bring readers what’s most important with things such as interactive media.”

While Hugo has taken over the Publisher and Executive Editor role, Adriana will serve the news organization as the General Sales Manager.  Longtime CTLN Director of Development Donna Elkinson Miller, has helped to collaborate on the new direction, while maintaining the spirit and history of the digital news site.

The overall re-brand has helped the leadership team begin to strategize for diversified stream of revenue and create more opportunities for collaborations and partnerships across other newsrooms.