Opinion: Why Ted Cruz Is Damaging The Latino Brand

The need to increase leadership and empowerment among members of the Latino community is matter of constant action and concern for Latino leaders from all walks of life and across the country. One particular concern is related to the lack of political representation of Latinos in federal, state and local governments.
So when one of our own reaches a position of power, it is desirable that he or she portrays the values that our community cherishes and embraces.
Beyond his political position and party, the disturbing behavior of U.S. Senator Ted Cruz –considering the type of damage his actions caused to the people of this country– is worth to analyze under the lens of a cultural approach, given his Latino origin.

As a community, Latinos have made incredible advances in political and economic power. Not only we represent the largest minority in the country with over 55 million Hispanics but the Latino vote also defined the last presidential elections of Republican President Bush and Democrat President Obama.

However, much still has to be accomplished regarding political representation of Latinos. Despite that we have gained eight new members in Congress in the last election -three in the Senate and 28 in the House-, we still lag behind the number we need to make our voices heard.
What are those values that define us who we are as a people, those characteristics that can catapult us to the leadership positions we deserve while making important contributions to the American society?
For the full story:  voxxi.com/2013/10/17/ted-cruz-damaging-latino-brand/
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3 thoughts on “Opinion: Why Ted Cruz Is Damaging The Latino Brand

  1. Article assumes that the Ted Cruzes of this world think about themselves as Latinos. The only time, such Latinos like to be Latino are for getting votes for everything else they are for themselves and mainstream and special interest groups. Lesson Latinos need to be careful a Latino surname does not equal best interest in heart for our community needs.

  2. “Well said”? He takes a shot at Cruz without providing any specifics. Please tell the Hispanic community where exactly does Ted Cruz deviate from our long history of morals and values; is he in favor of gay marriage or special rights for Gays?No, neither is the majority of Latinos (or American citizens for that matter). Is he in favor of abortion? No, neither is the majority of the Hispanic community. What about Social issues, does he believe in illegal immigration? What a surprise, he doesn’t and neither do the majority of Latinos. He brought awareness to the train wreck that is Obamacare, I dare anyone to find a point in his debate that is untrue. As far as all the “damage” he caused, please tell me how you were damaged? Of the millions of people who tried to sign up for insurance through the exchange, 6 were successful. Ted Cruz was right, the site was not ready. We should have been given a 1 year waiver just like all of Obama’s friends were given. It was Obama and Harry Reid that caused the shut down by refusing to admit then what was so obvious to Ted Cruz at the time and all of the US now.

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