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Opinion: Does America's Political Destiny Hinge on Texas Latinos?

The political stakes could hardly be higher.
Latinos, who have leaned Democratic, demographically are surging in Texas. And if the Democrats can turn Texas blue (or even purple) they would have a huge leg up at winning control of the executive branch of the U.S. government in future presidential elections. By achieving sufficient Democratic preeminence in Texas progressives could turn the White House blue.  And they know it.

But something unexpected is happening.  The more Latino Texas gets the more Republican it is trending.  Latinos are making themselves right at home in a welcoming GOP.  Red, not blue, is winning.
According to an article in, this is not happening by accident.
The Democrats are throwing some of their best people at this potential opening.  The assault is led by their modern version of Santa Anna, the elite Democratic field operative Jeremy Bird — Obama’s 2012 national field director.  Bird is the Senior Advisor to the Democrats’ front line assault squad Battleground Texas.  BGT’s executive director, Jenn Brown, was Ohio field director for Obama 2012.  These are among the best operatives the Democrats have.
The Republicans’ modern version of General Sam Houston, Republican State Party Chairman Steve Munisteri, is orchestrating the GOP counter-insurgency.  Munisteri is a nationally recognized conservative and world class political strategist.  He brought the Texas GOP back from insolvency and marginality to become the dominant political force in Texas.
Why does this skirmish matter to the rest of America?  Because much of what you, dear Reader, hold dear depends on the outcome.
First: if the progressives can turn Texas blue they will sustain their control of the White House, at least for the indefinite future. Munisteri puts it this way: “There are 18 states that haven’t gone Republican in 25 years.  Together they total 240 electoral votes.  All the Democrats have to do is swing Texas, with its 38 Electoral College votes.  Then they have an Electoral College majority.  They don’t have to worry about the rest of the country.”
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