Op-Ed: Trump Has Single-handedly United Latinos From Coast To Coast


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As one of 54 million Latinos in America, I have a message for Donald Trump — and chances are it’s not what you would think. In fact, all of us who describe ourselves as Hispanic Americans owe Donald Trump a debt of gratitude. Why? Because, he’s been able to do what nobody (and heaven knows many of us have tried) has ever been able to accomplish in America.
Donald Trump has single-handedly united Latinos from coast to coast.
Unintentional as it may have been, Trump has pulled off what may seem just short of a miracle. By insultingly describing people who cross the border as “bringing drugs… bringing crime… rapists,” he does what even Ann Coulter wasn’t able to accomplish when she called Mexicans “a deficient culture made up mostly of peasants who are much more dangerous than ISIS.”

The usual lines of cultural demarcation between Central and South Americans are gone, replaced by a spirit of unity in defiance of a man the majority of Latinos now see as offensive and repulsive. – Rick Sanchez

Coulter and Trump’s one-two punch cuts to the core with Hispanics as much for what it says as what it doesn’t say. What their unsolicited Latino critique lacks, as documented recently on Fox News Latino, is perspective. By not mentioning Latino contributions to America, they make all those who have made those contributions feel disrespected. Latinos all throughout America, no matter which border they or their ancestors crossed to come here, seem to be taking Trump’s words personally—almost as if he’s calling every one of them “criminals and rapists.”
If you listen carefully, you can hear a collective “¡No más!”…..
To read full story:http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/opinion/2015/06/29/rick-sanchez-donald-trump-has-single-handedly-united-latinos-from-coast-to/