Op-Ed From Identidad Latina Newspaper: LPRAC Will Cease To Exist On July 1, 2016


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There are no good winds blowing over Hartford and Connecticut these days in matter of the budget. Within the discussions and negotiations that have taken place in recent weeks, “funding cuts” are the words most feared. However, according to the leaders who manage the destiny of the city and state, there is no other way to balance the budget. If the income is not enough you have to eliminate jobs positions and organizations funding. If not closed directly, they might continue working but with some limitations.

One of the hardest blows was the recent news that the Commission for Latino and Puerto Rican Affairs (LPRAC) will cease to exist on 1 July 2016. As we were informed, the decision to eliminate funds for the continuity of this organization was taken during the negotiations between Governor Malloy and Legislators.
LPRAC was created by a mandate of the General Assembly of Connecticut in 1994. It was intended to advocate for the Hispanic community in Hartford’s Capitol, by advising legislators on bills, or proposing improvements in the quality of life of the Hispanic community.
Over these 22 years, the Commission for Latino and Puerto Rican Affairs has developed workshops, events, prepared reports with extensive research on the reality of Hispanics in the state. These data and statistics have permitted Legislators to take into account one of the fastest growing communities in Connecticut. In recent decades, the composition of the Hispanic community in the state has changed; those coming from Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Mexico have being joined by Colombians, Peruvians, Ecuadorians, among other countries. These changes brought different needs and other realities that LPRAC was able to interpret well.
We cannot forget the good….

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