Movie Review: Spare Parts – The Story Of Four Young Latino Students Who Dared To Dream


By Manny Popoca
This true life coming of age story is the kind of movie that lifts the spirits as well as showcase some of Hollywood’s top talents! As four High School kids from the mean streets of the Barrios in Phoenix AZ. join together to form a robotics club of all things. With only 800 dollars, junk spare parts that could be scrounged up and loads of ingenuity from these very intelligent kids to compete in a competition vs. the Nation’s brightest schools! Spare Parts aka La Vida Robot.
The Story:
After finding out signing into the US Army is more trouble then intended. Undocumented illegal immigrant Luis (Carlos Pena Verga) has to run from the law as he races toward an unimaginable true story with the help of three other school peers. Along with help from his lovely girlfriend (Alexa Pena Verga) and a mysterious new substitute teacher that gives these young men the courage to chase an impossible dream!
The Cast:
George Lopez – First and foremost we have to talk about the inspirational hero of this movie and that comes from long time comic and legendary TV comedic actor George Lopez (Latin Kings of Comedy, Spy Kids 2, George Lopez TV Show). George Lopez, who I must say FLOORED me with his outstanding dramatic acting in this movie. Being the lead-role of a major motion picture is no easy feat and George ultimately knocked it out of the park! This movie was not what many people are going to expect from George and that is not a bad thing at all. While Lopez comedic expertise is very underused in the film, it is everything else he brings to the film and cast that will blow people away. George Lopez came to play with the big boys in dramatic acting and he did not falter in any way. If George doesn’t get some sort of awards for his performance then Hollywood is not paying close enough attention.
Jamie Lee Curtis – Is the den mother school Principal who is not so sure about this new substitute teacher and his true intentions.
Marisa Tomei – The quick wit and feisty teacher that wants nothing more but the best for all her students.
Carlos Pena Vega – Plays the young man Oscar, who wants nothing more than to make his mother proud and to serve his country. Only to find himself running from the law and somehow end up with a group of fellow outcasts to chase a dream of a lifetime.
Alexa Pena Vega – Is the very beautiful girlfriend of Oscar who loves and supports her man
Esai Morales – Plays the alcoholic father of one of the boys who doesn’t want some “teacher” trying to teach his son how to be a man.
Final Review: Spare Parts gets a 8.2 out of 10
George Lopez in this film is outstanding in every aspect. In a movie people will be expecting to be a comedy, they will be astounded at the range and depth George Lopez reaches in the role of a teacher guiding these young men to what seems like an impossible challenge. Not only dealing with economic challenges that hinder this teacher and his students, or the struggles of a students alcoholic father, there also looms something in this teachers past that when reviled will show you just why George Lopez is a force to be reckoned with in the field of dramatic acting. This movie was very fun to watch and not the kind of film you will expect with George Lopez being the star. This movie is very serious in tone but very heavy in the “feel good” deparment. What will make you want to go see this movie is the inspirational underdog feeling that after watching it, will make you want to conquer the world if you put in the hard work. A perfect date and family movie as well. I highly recommend going to go see this very entertaining film.