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Motel Clerk Denies Couple Room; Fails To Recognize Puerto Rican Driver's License As U.S. ID



Rancho Cordova, Calif. (KCRA) —A Puerto Rican couple visiting Sacramento County for their niece’s wedding said they were unable to check into a Rancho Cordova Motel 6 because the front desk clerk didn’t believe they had valid U.S. identification.
When Raul Villanueva presented his Puerto Rico driver’s license late Wednesday night, the clerk told him, “Oh, you need a license from the United States,” he said.
“I said, ‘This is a license from the United States, that’s Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is the United States.’ She said, ‘No, it isn’t,’” Villanueva recalled.
Villanueva needed his ID in order to verify his reservation. The woman working at the front desk then asked for his and his wife’s passports, which he reluctantly retrieved.
“She wouldn’t take the passports after all,” Villanueva said. “When I brought them she said, ‘No, I won’t take it. I won’t take that.’ So I said, ‘OK, then give me my money back.’”
The couple called Motel 6’s corporate office Thursday and talked to a representative. The person apologized for the mistake and admitted Puerto Rican identification is on their list of accepted IDs.
“We sincerely apologize for this error and the inconvenience caused to the family,” a Motel 6 spokesperson wrote in an email to KCRA.
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