Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim: Trump presidency Might Be Good For Mexico

Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim said a Donald Trump presidency could be good news for Mexico — and warned that the president-elect could cost the U.S. its place as the world’s leader.
“I would be more worried if I were an American,” he said in an interview with Bloomberg Television on Thursday. “If you are going to close the economy, it is bad. He has the risk to lose the international leadership of the United States,” said Slim, who is one of the world’s richest people.
The U.S.’s main challenge today, he said, is losing its leading position in the global tech arena.
“You are the leaders in technology, but there are other countries moving there – China, Israel – and everyone wants to improve,” he said. “I think that is a main issue.”
The 76-year-old telecommunications magnate also said that Trump’s promise for big spending on infrastructure projects would mean more jobs for Mexicans because there are not enough Americans to fill them.
Slim told Bloomberg News he doesn’t know Trump and hasn’t spoken with him.
During the presidential campaign Trump had harsh words…..
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3 thoughts on “Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim: Trump presidency Might Be Good For Mexico

  1. Americans would love to have friendly, mutually beneficial relationships with everyone — and we do mean everyone — in the World.
    While Slim and others might feel confident in proclaiming that reacting to abuse directed towards us on the global stage will harm us in trade, I think we’ll manage. We’re sick and tired of being virtually kicked and spat on for simply trying to reach out to others.
    We have been treated like such garbage by the very same people warning us about “trade relations”, that our relationship with them has little room to fall. I think we’ll take our chances, Slim. While we may lose some sales, we will have more control over relationships where trade partners are currently getting 70-80% of the benefit, while mocking and deriding us on the world stage, with speech that would be extreme if it were being directed at their own worst enemies! Respect is a two-way street.
    It would behoove those who have abused us for a decade to look inward and assess themselves. We’re a good, generous people, good allies and fair trade partners. They won’t know what a good friend they’ve had in The USA, until we’re not at their beck and call. They will miss the good relations we’ve had and it will be their own fault that those relations have soured. We’ve been very fair.

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