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Latinos Teaching Latinos Another Language: Coding

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Noting the tech industry boom, the Hispanic Heritage Foundation is mobilizing a team of Latino coders to travel to underserved school districts to inspire Hispanic youth to enter the tech industry.
“We hear from Silicon Valley that they cannot find Latino engineers,” said Alberto Avalos, the Innovation and Technology Program Manager at the HHF. “There are plenty of Latino and Latina engineers that are graduating, so we are taking them directly to Silicon Valley ourselves.”
The Hispanic Heritage Foundation, which was established by the White House in the 1980’s to recognize Latino leaders, organizes programs to prepare Hispanic youth entering rapidly growing industries. For the second year in a row, “Latinos On Fast Track” is holding the Code as a Second Language initiative to give Latino students, communities and entrepreneurs the tools their students need to enter the tech industry.

<img class=”img-responsive img_inline” src=”” alt=”Attendees of the 2015 Code as a Second Language Summit.” title=”Attendees of the 2015 Code as a Second Language Summit.” itemprop=”image”/>
Attendees of the 2015 Code as a Second Language Summit.

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“We are not just consumers of tech, we are a community of creators,” Avalos said. “LOFT cultivates an ecosystem of Latino innovators by connecting them and challenging them to return to their communities to teach youth.”
The 2016 LOFT Coder Summit on Saturday will host aspiring coders, professionals and executives in the tech industry; half of the attendees are….

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