Latinos And Hispanics Poised To Transform U.S. Health System With $1.7 Trillion Purchasing Power


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In recent months, immigration, race and ethnicity have dominated headlines. One reason is because with each passing year, more and more people in the U.S. are classified as either Latino or Hispanic, with Hispanics being the fastest growing populace in the U.S. And while this population is affected by and accesses our health care system in unique ways, those who embrace Hispanics stand to tap into their $1.7 Trillion purchasing power.

The browning of America is unquestionably changing the landscape of the U.S. health system, with Hispanics growing in number and thus, influence. Thus, it’s vital for our country’s health leaders, providers and policymakers to think critically about the particular challenges and opportunities that Latino and Hispanic patients introduce
into the system – as well as prepare for better ways to serve their wants and needs.
Here are some key things to understand about our shifting demographics and the future of Latino and Hispanic power:
– In total, Hispanics currently make up about 17% of the total population– or about 58 million people living in the U.S. This percentage, according to U.S. Census estimates, is expected to double to 129 million by 2060. While politicians have either been clamoring for this demographic’s vote or using them as political fodder, health care leaders have greatly failed to see their potential for influencing the ……
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