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Latino Support for Romney Presidency Growing

The Latino vote could play an increasingly important role nationally in the upcoming election as it appears more are willing to support a Republican candidacy than previously, according to the latest nationwide poll by Quinnipiac University in Hamden.
The poll shows 30% of Latino voters support former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney’s Republican bid for the presidency while 59% back President Obama. Overall the race is much closer with Obama holding a 46% to 43% lead over Romney. Latino voters match the national sentiment with 6% still undecided with less than four months to go to Election Day on Nov. 6.
According to Fox Latino News,  support for Romney has been trending steadily upward among Latinos. “[Obama’s support] was significantly lower than that registered in a Fox News Latino poll released in March (he had 73% support) and a USA Today/Gallup poll published in June (66%). Romney’s performance, by contrast, has increased from 14 to 25 to 30% in the three polls.”
Voter turnout may be on the uptick in the Latino community based on what the Quinnipiac Poll has determined. It found 35% of voters overall are more enthusiastic about the presidential race than in 2008 but only 29% of Latinos share that enthusiasm. However, the general populace is 22% less enthusiastic compared to 17% of Latinos.
Romney’s increasing popularity reflects three issues most important to Latinos, according to a recent USA Today/Gallup poll: jobs, healthcare, and immigration.
American voters disapprove 55 – 40% of the way Obama is handling the economy, but split 45 – 46% on whether Obama or Romney would do a better job on the economy.  Romney would be better for their own economic future, 47% say, while 44% pick Obama.  By a 50 – 44% margin, voters have an unfavorable opinion of Obama’s plans for the economy, compared to 46 – 40% unfavorable for Romney.
By a small 47 – 44% margin, voters approve of the way the president is handling foreign policy.  He gets a negative 39 – 52% on illegal immigration and a negative 43 – 52% on health care.
Romney gains no traction on Obama’s negatives as 45% say he would do a better job on immigration, compared to 43% for Obama.  The president would do a better job on health care, 45% say, compared to 44% for Romney.
Voters say 56 – 41% Obama cares about their needs, compared to the 50 – 42% who say Romney does not care.  By 79 – 16% registered voters say Obama is likeable compared to the 65 – 27% who say that about Romney.

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