Latino News Network Expands Digital News Outlet to Underserved Communities in New England Area


(Hartford, CT) – The Latino News Network (LNN) has created and is moving forward with launching in two new markets of the award-winning online news publication in the New England area with (MALN) and NHLatino (NHLN). Along with (CTLN), these three online sites provide professional, journalistic coverage for and about Connecticut’s, Massachusetts’, and New Hampshire’s fast-growing Latino population.

With an accumulated Hispanic population of over 800,000 people, the states of Massachusetts and New Hampshire have no shortage of audience and yet a disproportional shortage of news outlets catering to this significant population. With the addition of and, the issue of under-representation and media discrimination will quickly and undoubtedly improve in these New England states and beyond. 

News and information outreach to all Americans is critical now more than ever. It can necessarily mean the difference between life and death with the ongoing pandemic and political turmoil at hand. According to the United States Census Bureau, Hispanic and Latino Americans account for 11.4% of New England’s population, making them the largest non-white demographic group in the region, with nearly 1.7 million Hispanic and Latino individuals reporting in the survey. Latinos, by sheer numbers, are key in any proposal for action to incite change, of which the U.S. is experiencing much of lately.

“A democratized source of equitable news is long overdue,” said Hugo Balta, Owner of LNN, and veteran journalist of nearly 30-years. “The rollout of LNN across more local Latino communities in New England will offer representation and visibility that makes a difference.”

The organization’s expansion signifies progress towards LNN’s goals to increase and improve news outreach relevant to underserved populations and all New England areas. In the spirit of growing local Latino news sources to reflect the trajectory growth of the Latino population, the Latino News Network is ready to continue its mission and service.