Latina Lista: Summer Reading Program for Latino Children Launches Online

To children, summer may mean vacation from going to school but to most parents it has never meant a vacation from learning. One of the easiest ways to continue learning throughout the summer has been through reading programs at the local public libraries.
Unfortunately, due to those irritating cutbacks, a lot of libraries can no longer afford to fund summer reading programs where students eagerly read for prizes. And in the process, unbeknownst to them, were expanding their vocabularies, using their imaginations and learning about new subjects.
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One thought on “Latina Lista: Summer Reading Program for Latino Children Launches Online

  1. Fortunately, here in Hartford CT we are blessed to have a library system that has gotten funds to promote and present a full summer reading program for children from birth to 18 and parents as well. We have secured software that allows parents and students to register and record their reading progress online and pick up incentive prizes and any neighborhood library. There will also be free lunch for children at all libraries in Hartford beginning in late June as well as many special activities to keep kids busy and reading during the summer so they don’t lose their skills over the vacation period. Check out the website and link:

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