Lamont Budget: Sin Tax


Governor Ned Lamont’s budget pitch this week to the General Assembly is filled with “sin taxes” like deposits on alcohol, electronic cigarettes and sugary drinks. He wants to levy $1.5 cents per ounce tax on sugar-sweetened beverages, generating $163 million (approximately) in new revenue.
Soft drinks are widely considered to increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and other chronic conditions. The diabetes-cardiovascular association is of particular concern among Hispanics, who tend to have a higher rate of diabetes than non-Hispanic whites.
According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention:

  • Hispanics are about 50% more likely to die from diabetes than whites
  • Hispanics are at greater risk than non-Hispanics to have pre-diabetes
  • Hispanics are about one and a half times more likely to develop kidney failure than non-Hispanics

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