Journalist Lulu Garcia-Navarro Becomes NPR’s First Latina Newsmagazine Host




Lulu Garcia-Navarro Photo

If you haven’t yet become familiar with journalist Lulu Garcia-Navarro, that is about to change. This award-winning journalist whose career has taken her all over the globe has recently been named host of NPR’s popular newsmagazine show, ‘Weekend Edition Sunday’.
Although this job will see her more permanently based in Washington D.C, Lulu has previously been based in Brazil (while she was NPR’s South American Correspondent), Israel, Baghdad (as NPR News’ Baghdad Bureau Chief) and Mexico City as a foreign correspondent. She was one of the first reporters to enter Libya after the 2011 Arab Spring uprising, an event which has changed geo-politics in the Middle East forever.
Clearly Lulu is not afraid to jump in the deep end and take on difficult topics like war and conflict. But now she has a new mission on hand – to be part of the growing number of journalists and news hosts who will be reporting the facts, speaking truth to power, and providing listeners and readers the analysis and context they need to make sense of this changing world.
As Donald Trump and his team use the term “Fake News” with alarming regularity toward newsmedia as it exposes the details of his regressive agenda, Lulu finds herself once again on the frontlines of a very important battle, one that will most definitely define an entire generation.
A 2015 report on women in media from the Women’s Media Center showed that women make up just over 45% of the radio landscape, but Latinos only represent……
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