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Issues Arise Regarding Senator Ayala's Residence


Bridgeport three Family home where State Sen. Andres Ayala says he lives. Photo: Ned Gerard/CT Post

744 Hancock Ave., in Bridgeport, Conn. where State Sen. Andres Ayala lives. Photo: Ned Gerard/CT Post

They say a man’s home is his castle.
andres ayala

State Senator Andres Ayala (D) Bridgeport

State Sen. Andres Ayala’s “home” is more like an outpost to meet residency laws so he can represent the 23rd District while maintaining a long-term relationship just outside of Ayala’s legislative turf.
“If you want to stake out and watch me come in and come out, feel free to do so,” Ayala, 45, told Hearst Connecticut Newspapers.
Despite earning roughly six figures as an educator and legislator, Ayala said for months he has lived with a roommate in a nondescript third-floor apartment on Hancock Avenue rather than, as critics suspect, girlfriend Carmen Colon‘s Cleveland Avenue home.
Hancock Avenue is Ayala’s eighth address since mid-2000, according to the city’s Registrars of Voters.
Colon’s abode is located just over three blocks outside of Ayala’s district. And the two
The home of Carmen Colon, Ayala's longtime girlfriend, a few blocks outside his district. Photo: Ned Lard/

The home of Carmen Colon, Ayala’s longtime girlfriend, a few blocks outside his district. Photo: Ned Gerad/

streets could not be more different. Cleveland Avenue is green and suburban, while Ayala’s section of Hancock Avenue is sandwiched between the commercial and industrialized Fairfield Avenue and State Street.
Ayala said he spends a lot of time at Colon’s, but sleeps weeknights at the Hancock Avenue address, which is located just within the border of his Senate district.
Ayala acknowledged  the apartment is in a house owned by Colon’s parents and shared with her brother. He declined to allow a reporter and photographer to visit the apartment, citing his privacy.
It is not uncommon for Bridgeport’s political class to face questions — and in some cases formal investigations and even criminal charges — about whether they reside in the neighborhoods they represent.
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