In Bridgeport Latino Leader Americo Santiago: Says DeJesus Must Go

628x471State Senate party nominee Richard DeJesus

Americo Santiago, a veteran of Bridgeport Democratic politics who is influential in the Latino community, has been monitoring the troubled state Senate campaign of the party’s nominee, Richard DeJesus, while visiting Puerto Rico.

 “Rick should get out,” Americo said. “He has a lot (going) for himself. He’s a very nice individual. A good business person. He needs to take care of those personal issues and move on.”

Those issues being DeJesus’ hefty tax debt and questions about court documents that seem to indicate DeJesus owed child support for several years.
DeJesus is one of four candidates vying to replace state Sen. Andres Ayala, D-23, whom Santiago helped elect in 2012 and has since taken over the Department of Motor Vehicles.
So if DeJesus is out, who of the remaining candidates will Santiago support and urge those he knows to back? Ex-Sen. Ed Gomes, a Democrat who has the Working Families Party endorsement? Petitioning candidates Charles Hare or Rev. Kenneth Moales, the former, sometimes controversial school board chairman who used to be Mayor Bill Finch’s campaign treasurer? Moales does have a strong base, but he also has been dealing with financial issues.
“I think Gomes is the right alternative if Richard DeJesus gets out,” Santiago said. “I think we all should support Ed Gomes.”
Considering it was Ayala who beat Gomes, 78, in a primary in 2012, Santiago was part of the Senator’s forced retirement.
“Andres to me was a better candidate at that time,” Santiago said.
Gomes does not like Finch, and there is speculation that if DeJesus were to step aside, the mayor’s allies will turn to Moales.
“If the mayor doesn’t like Ed Gomes for whatever reason, that’s between them two,” Santiago said.
He said Gomes will do right for the 23rd District.
It should be noted that not long ago Finch decided……
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