Hispanic National Bar Association Forms Cuba Task Force


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Photo credit: sputniknews.com
A national group of Latino attorneys have formed a mechanism to address the changing dynamics of U.S.-Cuba relations and its impact on people and businesses.
The Hispanic National Bar Association announced the creation of a “Cuba Task Force” to act as a resource on the changes in business, economic and legal relations following the Obama administration’s opening of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

“The historic changes in our nation’s diplomatic relations with Cuba are already having immediate and long-term effects on the families, organizations, and economies of each nation,” said HNBA National President Robert T. Maldonado in a statement.

The group aims to be a source of information and legal analysis for U.S. policymakers on business and economic issues while ensuring the promotion of “civil and human rights of all Cubans on the island.”
The Obama administration stunned the world when they announced in December of 2014 that they would restore diplomatic relations with Cuba, setting off a series of historic changes including…
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