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Georgia Billboard Says South Carolina "Wants More Immigrants"

A billboard in Georgia has been read loud and clear. The message, up in Georgia’s Cherokee County, tells undocumented immigrants to head to South Carolina, where a certain politician “backs immigration reform with a path the citizenship,” HuffPost Latino reported.
The sign was put up by the Dustin Inman Society. According to its website, the society is “a non-partisan coalition of all ethnicities and from all walks of life who recognize that illegal immigration and homeland security are the most critical issues in America today.”
The sign, which reads, “South Carolina welcomes the undocumented! Sen. Lindsey Graham says His State has a Labor Shortage and Wants More Immigrants,” also encourages immigrants to visit an article quoting Graham backing the reforms.
In the article, Graham says he is “trying to save our nation from, I think, a shortage of labor and a catastrophic broken system.”
Graham is a senator in the “Gang of 8” who helped create a bipartisan immigration reform proposal. The draft, which is more than 800 pages, was submitted last Wednesday.
Not only does the billboard tell immigrants to leave Georgia for South Carolina, it also encourages them to call Graham’s office for job leads. 

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