Four Latinos Will Compete at Trinity College Fencing Classic

Trinity College continues its long tradition of hosting the Trinity College Fencing Classic; it is a Mixed Open tournament in the 3-weapons Foil, Epee and Sabre that takes place this Saturday, Dec. 1, starting at 9 a.m., Ferris Athletic Center- Unit D 300 Summit Street, Hartford.
Fencing Master Juan Carlos Changanaqui, originally from Peru, has been the Trinity Fencing Coach for the past four years. And he has always encouraged and recruited Latinos to take up the sport.
This year four Latino athletes will be competing: Paul Canal, Alejandro Changanaqui, Andres Friebus and Michelle Gomez. Parents that are looking for sports for their children to participate in are encouraged to come and watch the sport in action.
Fencing provides a unique mix of physical, intellectual and emotional stimulation. It is also a perfect cardiovascular exercise helps develop muscle strength and flexibility. Fencing is also a workout of the mind, as it requires outwitting the opponent in a split second. Another benefit is that it promotes self-esteem, responsibility and discipline.
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2 thoughts on “Four Latinos Will Compete at Trinity College Fencing Classic

  1. Just came back from the Fencing tournament and Paul Canales won the Gold in Foil and Anres Friebus won the Bronze in Sabre! Michelle Gomez Martinez who also does sabre did great for her first time competition ! We are really proud of them!
    Tomorrow Alejandro Changanaqui and Andres Friebus will compete in the USFA Connecticut Division regionals in Danbury, good luck to them!

  2. Epee – 1st – Joseph Way (Unaffiliated)
    2nd – Adam McGill (Wesleyan Fencing Club)
    3rd – Maxwell McCaughley (Fencer School of Connecticut)
    4th – Gordon Petty (Wesleyan Fencing Club)
    Foil – 1st – Paul Canal (Unaffiliated)
    2nd – Adam McGill (Wesleyan Fencing Club)
    3rd – Troy Kapitzke (Pioneer Valley Fencers Club)
    4th – Joseph Way (Unaffiliated)
    Sabre – 1st – Wint Harvey (Amherst College)
    2nd – Sarah Lerman – Sinkoff (Wesleyan Fencing Club)
    3rd – Andres Friebus (Connecticut Fencing Club)
    4th – Gordon Petty ( Wesleyan Fencing Club)

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