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Former Latina Chief Economist Advocates for Immigration, Family-Friendly Policies

Colombian-American Adriana Kugler recently finished her one-year position as the first Latina Chief Economist at the U.S. Labor Department. Kugler describes her experience as being an extremely rewarding profession. She is now back to being a professor of economics at Georgetown University.
At the Labor Department, Kugler made her lifelong goal a reality by using numbers and data to develop policy and improve the lives of people, according to a article. As the immigration reform debate heats up, Kugler says that an important aspect of her job is to show the benefits instead of the costs of the nation’s recent immigration wave.
The Latina economist thinks now is the right time to pass immigration reform legislation for a number of reasons. Kugler said, “First of all, it would benefit us economically, since undocumented immigrants would become greater contributors if they are legalized.” Kugler also said, “It is a good time to do it, since for the first time we are at negative net migration, we don’t have floods of people coming in.”
Photo (c) US Department of Labor via Flickr

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