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CTLN Opinion+

CTLN Opinion+: Michael J. Brandi, State Elections Enforcement Commission

Leveling out the playing field of Connecticut elected officials

Description of the video: 

We are less than thirty days from one of the most important elections in the country’s history and Latinos will have to cast their ballots during a medical pandemic. This week CTLN Opinion+ spoke to Michael J. Brandi.  Since 2012, Brandi has been the Executive Director and General Counsel for the Connecticut State Elections Enforcement Commission, which investigates violations of state election laws and campaign finance. He and the commission have investigated over 200 cases of voting violations and protecting voting rights. 

During our conversation Brandi spoke about the Citizen’s Election Program, a program that levels out the playing field of Connecticut elected officials, through the CEP, prospective candidates could apply for grants to fund their election campaign. This initiative has proven successful, since implementation, there has been greater diversity in candidates and more representation and reflection of Connecticut’s populations. 

And most importantly Brandi did not shy away from the questions of the election. We spoke to Brandi about the importance of all Connecticut voters and the commissions preparedness for Nov. 3. Director Brandi expressed his concerns over the president’s statement during the first presidential debate in which he urged his supporters to watch over polling places. The director went into detail about the steps Connecticut has taken to make voting accessible and votes counted. 

Resources mentioned in the video:

-Mailing in your ballot? Connecticut voters can see when the clerk’s office receives the ballot with this link.

-Anyone encountering problems on Election Day should contact the Election Day Hotline at 1-866-733-2463 or send an email to

-The deadline for voting registration is coming up and Latinos, it is our responsibility to vote. Follow the link below to register to vote.

-for any concerns or questions about voting in Connecticut

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