CTLN Opinion+: Latino history in classrooms with Commissioner of education Miguel Cardona

Description of the video: 

During Hispanic Heritage Month, we spoke to Commissioner of Education Miguel Cardona to discuss guidelines for Connecticut students returning to school. We spoke to him about the resources available to families and educators regarding COVID-19. 

As important as classes are to a student’s education, so are school activities, Commissioner Cardona explains the future of afterschool programs including athletic programs. 

As we are in Hispanic heritage month, this is a month where students learn about the Latinos who changed and influenced American culture. We asked the commissioner about making Latino and Black American history a part of the Connecticut school’s regular curriculum. 

Resources mentioned in the video:

COVID-19 Resources for Educators and Families here: https://portal.ct.gov/SDE/COVID19/COVID-19-Resources-for-Families-and-Educators.

Two Spanish language webinars hosted for families of school aged children (one for supporting English learners with remote learning and one generally on education during Covid):

Connecticut State Department of Education Addendums

Connecticut Interscholastic Conference 2020-2021 Fall Sports Plan

(Photo credit: CT News Junkie)