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CTLN Opinion+: Anka Badurina

The executive director of Building One Community on the importance of immigrant integration into the community

In this episode of CTLN Opinion + we discussed the immigrant community and the necessity for resources and education. With 37% of Stamford residents born outside of the U.S. organizations like B1C help immigrants become independent and self-sufficient. 

During our conversation with Anka Badurina, the executive director of Building One Community in Stamford we discussed the importance of immigrant integration into the community. As the child of immigrant parents, I heard stories of my parents’ difficulties to integrate into their new community. 

They had to walk miles to the only English school and find work despite not knowing the language. Organizations like B1C are a beacon for the immigrant population.

My parents were lucky during their first years in the country because they were surrounded by family but for millions of immigrants, the path is more lonely as resources like English lessons are difficult to find in a new place. 

Along with providing education B1C provides low-cost immigration legal services. They are accredited by the Department of Justice as a provider of low-cost immigration services. B1C also provides other types of services, such as ELL and Citizenship classes, translations, notarizations, and wages representation.

Organizations like Building One Community are guiding immigrants through the difficult process of integration. Making the journey to the U.S. is difficult and there are few public resources available with no clear way to access such services. 

People from 100 different countries make this journey for a chance to create a life and safety. $2.1 Billion in total net business income is generated by immigrant businesses in Connecticut. People come here for work and to contribute and can only be successful with organizations like B1C. There needs to be more assistance and information available for the immigrant population. 

Afterall we are a country of immigrants.

Resources mentioned in the video: 

Individual and family support services 

Immigrant rights information

In Spanish

In English

In Haitian/ Creole

For information on President Biden’s proposed immigration policy

(Cover Photo Credit: Stamford nonprofit to look at election’s impact on immigration, Westport News)

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