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MA Lifestyle's 'Top Stories' Of 2016

As the year 2016 comes to an end, takes a look back at our top stories.  We looked at which of our stories were most read, which  were the stories that  touched the hearts of so many readers and which topics most resonated with our readers.  Our choices were quite clear.

WTIC Radio Personality Gary Craig’s Offensive Videos

Gary Craig from Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 1.36.45 PMBy far, our stories about the incredibly offensive videos by WTIC radio personality Gary Craig caused the most uproar among our readers – on our site and throughout social media. After the first video went public,  one of our readers tipped us off that there was a previous offensive video posted by Craig from New Haven and sent us the link.  Many media outlets picked up our story and while no serious action seems to have been taken against Craig, focusing the spotlight on him and others who think offensive stereotypes are the source  of jokes certainly let them know Latinos would not tolerate such behavior.
To see our series of stories or the offensive videos click on these links:

GOP Latinos in CT Voting For Trump

donaldtrump61815This controversial story also caused an uproar among our readers, with some mistakenly accusing of taking a poll and not including everyone.   The story by veteran writer Bill Sarno reported in March, 2016 on the Latinos in Connecticut who planned to vote Trump in the primary.    He asked how they reconciled their vote with Trump’s divisive rhetoric.
Almost immediately after the story was published, enraged Latinos took to social media to harshly criticize the Latinos who said they planned to vote for him. too was accused of an array of things, including covertly supporting Trump.  We stood by our story then as we do now; our role is to report on the diverse views and stories of all Latinos in the state. It was their story to tell.
To read our story:

chris strong 1Leukemia You Messed With The Wrong Guy -Latino family stands strong in the face of son’s leukemia diagnosis

On another note, our story on a young East Hartford Latino teen whose determination to beat the Leukemia he was diagnosed with touched the hearts of many of our readers.  A high school student and athlete, sixteen-year old Chris Pagan captured our readers with his honest and determined approached to beating the disease he had just been diagnosed with.
chris strong 2The East Hartford resident, his family and legions of friends vow to stand strong and support this Latino teen as he goes through this journey. #chris strong
To read our story on Chris click on this link:

Op-Ed:  Puerto Rico’s Debt Crisis: Changing The Face Of Connecticut

Op-Ed: It’s Official: Eddie Perez Was Screwed

We are glad to report that two of our Opinion articles were also were among our best read stories and captured the attention of our readers.   The two topics were the  Puerto Rico debt crisis and it’s impact on Connecticut and the alleged injustice by the justice system against former Mayor Eddie Perez.  Veteran editorial writer David Medina shared his well researched views on both and our readers demonstrated they are interested in quality opinion articles.
To read articles:

New Britain Couple And Their Life of Service To The Community

carmelo and NancyOur story on the Rev. Carmelo Rodriquez and his wife, the Rev. Nancy Shasteen Rodriquez, stuck a chord with our readers.  It was among one of our best read articles during 2016, perhaps indicating that the  evangelical Latino community in the  state is strong and active.  Their selfless dedication proved to be inspiring to all our readers.
The Rodriquez’s are active in the Latino Coalition of New Britain and also serve as assistant pastors 60 miles away in Groton.  They told they enjoy their work and they believe in their mission to contribute to their community.
To read their article:

Other Memorable 2016 articles…..

Several other stories also rose to the top of our list based on reader response and social media interest.  We’d like to mention them as well, as they too share the distinction of telling the stories about Latinos and Latino issues that interested  our readers in 2016.
They include numerous arts & cultural articles by Bessy Reyna, as well as three other news stories:

Democrats Groom Latinos For dem-latino-groomingPolitical Arena

willimantic policde chiefNew Milestone for Willimantic’s New Top Cop 
New London Latino Brings New Brand of Campaigning

are challenging the poltical status quo.

2017Once again The team thanks all of you our advertisers and readers for your continued support this year and we wish you all a wonderful 2017!

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