CTLatinoNews.com and Identidad Latina partner to serve Hispanic/Latino Community in Connecticut


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June 4, 2019

CTLatinoNews.com (CTLN) is excited to announce its new alliance with Identidad Latina Multimedia (ILM).

As one of the largest and fastest growing demographics in Connecticut, the Hispanic and Latino community will greatly benefit from the partnership between Identidad Latina Multimedia, a digital newsource that is primarily released in Spanish, and CTLatinoNews.com, a digital platform producing multimedia content in English.

Identidad Latina Multimedia is a longstanding news outlet with almost twenty years of experience. Created in Hartford as a response to the growing number of Spanish speaking residents, ILM is an important source of local news for the Hispanic and Latino community. The staff frequently interacts with the public through digital and print platforms, and more recently through radio and social media. ILM serves Connecticut’s diverse neighborhoods through a variety of platforms, at the forefront of media in New England.

CTLN is the only English language news, information and entertainment outlet dedicated to serving Hispanics/Latinos in Connecticut. It was launched by Diane Alverio in 2012, with the intention of providing relevant content to an audience that is often not reflected or included in English language media. Hugo Balta took over CTLN in January.

Balta, CTLatinoNews.com Publisher and Executive Editor noted, “We at CTLN are thrilled about our partnership with Identidad Latina Multimedia. They have a real passion for local news and making sure that important stories reach Spanish speakers.

“I know that this alliance will only benefit CTLN and ILM in our mission to best serve the entire community, regardless of language preference.”

Hugo Balta, Publisher/Executive Editor, CTLN

Since almost 73% of the Connecticut Hispanic population speak both English and Spanish, this collaboration between two prominent, local multimedia sources will continue to champion a well informed Hispanic and Latino population.

Editor from Identidad Latina Multimedia, Jorge Alatrista, continued, “CTLN and ILM have been an integral part of Connecticut neighborhoods for the past several years. We can’t wait to work with them and serve even more people than we are currently able to.“

“This partnership will benefit us, CTLN, and most importantly, the people of Connecticut.”

Jorge Alatrista, Editor, Identidad Latina Multimedia

Identidad Latina Multimedia and CTLN are looking forward to the future together. This partnership is yet another step for Balta’s plans on expanding the breadth of Hispanic and Latino news coverage in Connecticut and all of New England.


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