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Affordability Road Map For Hispanic College Students

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

It’s that time of the year where high school students are starting to make firm plans about attending college.
Considering a 2013 Pew Research Center report, which revealed Hispanic high school graduates have surpassed whites in the college enrollment rate, there are a lot of students and families checking out scholarships, financial aid and university campuses.
AC Online, which is an online resource aimed at helping students find affordable college options, recently published a new guide dedicated to Hispanic students.
“Our site is really about finding affordable college options overall for all types of students,” AC Online Chief Affordability Officer Dan Schuessler told VOXXI. “Basically, the new guide will help find an affordable education that is more unique to Hispanic students.”
Included in the guide are sections on SATs, application fees, room and board costs, as well as scholarships targeting Hispanic students and resources for Latino families.
One of the more compelling elements of the AC Online Hispanic guide is the Most Affordable Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) College Programs section, which examines certain schools across the country.
Specifically listed are the 32 most affordable HSIs, which offer the most in terms of support before and during the college years.
“This it’s pretty important,” Schuessler said. “It’s a great list of schools that provide good options for Hispanic students whether it’s through financial aid benefits or scholarships for certain programs that they offer Hispanic students.”
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