Advocates Worry About 2020 Census Count Without Funding



By Christine Stuart,

HARTFORD, CT — Connecticut Voices for Children said Wednesday that Connecticut’s volunteer efforts to make sure every resident is counted in the 2020 Census is not enough.

At least 31 states have already funded outreach plans, according to Connecticut Voices for Children Research and Policy Fellow Michael Sullivan. 

Why does it matter? 

In 2016, Connecticut received over $10.7 billion through 55 large federal spending programs. Those dollars are based on Census figures.  

“What’s at stake is Connecticut’s quality of life, securing the full amount of $10.7 billion of federal funding, fair and accurate apportionment of state and federal legislative seats, as well as well-informed planning and economic development,” Connecticut Voices for Children Executive Director Emily Byrne said. “It is imperative Connecticut create a comprehensive statewide plan for Census 2020 outreach and allocate appropriate funding for implementation. If we fail on either fronts, Connecticut residents ultimately lose and so does the state.”

An accurate count of Connecticut residents will ensure that more adequate federal dollars will be available to support the education, health care, nutrition assistance, housing, transportation, and other needs of children and families, according to CT Voices for Children.

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Did You Know?

58.9 million

The Hispanic population of the United States as of July 1, 2017, making people of Hispanic origin the nation’s largest ethnic or racial minority. Hispanics constituted 18.1 percent of the nation’s total population.

Source: Vintage 2017 Population Estimates  

About 540,000 Hispanics, Latinos call Connecticut home. Of the 50 states, Connecticut ranks 18th for the most number of Hispanics, Latinos, and 11th for the highest percentage of the population. The majority in the state are overwhelmingly Puerto Rican followed by Mexicans and Dominicans.

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