A Call To Lead: Latinx Líderes and Challenging Times


A distinguished group of guest speakers, including Hugo Balta, Publisher and Executive Editor of CTLatinoNews.com were featured at this month’s Latino Endowment Fund’s Hispanic Heritage Month’s event: A Call to Lead: Latinx Lideres and Challenging Times; A conversation on the power of cultura and community to heal and propel during adversity.

The event, sponsored by the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, began with a presentation by Dr. Maysa Akbar, a clinical psychologist who specializes in culturally responsive/appropriate wellness/mental health and trauma.

Dr. Akbar spoke about how leaders recognize and acknowledge the impact of these challenges, tools that can be used to “de-stress” and how the power of culture and community can heal and provide inspiration during adversity.

Given his experience with journalism, diversity and inclusion, and leadership, Balta shared insights on how to harness culture to navigate challenges and create success.

One of the questions posed to the guest speakers by moderator Moraima Gutierrez was: How do you combat the incessant prejudiced negative narrative against Hispanics, Latinos?

Balta responded, “Stop using “minority” in describing the emerging majority, drop the derogatory term “illegals”, “illegal alien” in news coverage, and chip away at stereotypes perpetuated by mainstream media by producing a platform elevating their visibility and promoting civic engagement: CTLatinoNews.com

The event was held on October 10 at the Pond House in West Hartford.

The Latino Endowment Fund is a giving circle whose mission is to promote philanthropy by and for the Latino community in Greater Hartford. Donors support an endowment fund to advance the social, economic, educational and leadership development of the Latino community.