Taking the Lead with Erika Martin

By Karen Cortés

While most of us were suffering in the dark and cold of Storm Alfred last year, WTNH meteorologist Erika Martin was forecasting weather in California’s San Francisco Bay area. The Connecticut native made it back to New England with time to spare for Superstorm Sandy, joining Storm Team 8 in March.
Five years ago, the longtime television host and reporter was working for KNBC in Los Angeles when she decided to return to school to study meteorology. “I wanted to challenge myself and my confidence,” says Martin. “I went back to school to do what I love, incorporating television and science.”
She interned with the National Weather Service, and was offered a meteorology job during her first semester. Before coming to WTNH, Martin also forecasted weather in the Sierra Nevada region, including Northern Nevada and Northern California, and Western Massachusetts.
Martin says that as a Latina, she sees a shift in culture. “There is more support for Latinas in science,” she says. “It’s so important, not just for Latinas but for all Americans, to apply themselves in science and math. The future is in science and engineering. It’s hard, but if you dedicate yourself, there’s a payoff. Great things happen!”
Martin arrived at WTNH with what some of her competitors might consider an unfair ratings base. Her mother is the oldest of 13 children, and nearly her entire extended family lives in Connecticut and Western Mass. She is also joined in Connecticut by her husband of seven years, Robert, whose bi-coastal career allows the couple to spend about half of their time together.
On a quiet weather day, Martin arrives at the studio at around two o’clock for a 5 o’clock broadcast, but meteorology is a 24-hour-a-day job. Martin is constantly checking the most recent data no matter what time of day it is. “Weather is transient. My husband has to pull my iPhone out of my hand at dinner,” says Martin.
Looking forward, Martin hopes to pursue a Ph.D. and eventually teach, following in the footsteps of her idol, the late Ch. 8 weatherman Dr. Mel Goldstein.
Martin’s professional affiliations include the American Meteorological Society, Society of Professional Journalists, and The National Association of Hispanic Journalists. She holds a degree in broadcast journalism from Santa Monica College, and is a graduate of the meteorology program of Mississippi State University.


16 thoughts on “Taking the Lead with Erika Martin

  1. It seems to me that Erika Martin could have posed for this review in a more dignified manner suitable to her position as journalist…don’t get me wrong, she’s a beautiful young woman, but with her talent there is not need to present herself as “Provocadora” Please forgive any insult… that’s the way I see It>

    1. your comments are out of line Mr Rosado..She is a beautiful young and smart latina and as a latina Im very proud of her. what do you want her to look like a ugly vieja on tv you must be old fashioned to think that…Erika YOU GO GIRL WE ARE HAPPY TO HAVE YOU ON WTNH WISH THE BEST AND MUCH SUCCESS

      1. @Jenny: Are you not biased with your opinion as you are a family member of Erika’s? I do not think Edward was “out of line”, however I do not agree with him either. He stated his opinion very POLITELY, yet YOU jump all over him!
        You state “and as a latina Im very proud of her.” I believe your motives are not forthcoming & you should state
        “as a latina (& family member)I’m very proud of her.”

        1. Righ on! Personally, I do not find her beautiful, neither in the classical nor in the drop-dead-gorgeous kind. She makes herself eye-catching, that is about it. She is no Marylin Monroe or Sofia Vargara….not even close. If this person is so proud to be a Latina, ( which by the way are people from South America, ergo Latin America) then she should stop using her guile by trying so hard to disguise her accent. I have said this before, but I will paraphrase……she is not auditioning for a part in a movie.. she is delivering the weather forecast albeit I must admit she does know her stuff……be yourself Erika. By the way, the past tense of ” spit” is ” SPAT”

  2. I have been leaving positive commentary when visiting blogs. I feel that Karen Cortés provides a great explanation or Erika in short summary. Erika is a goal oriented professional with great aspirations. Erika leads a great example of what to expect from a goal oriented professional/ individual. Congratulations on your success Erika.

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