VIDEO: Rep. Gonzalez Says Family Courts Hurting Families

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Representative Minnie Gonzalez was part of a task force that reviewed the court process for divorcing parents fighting for custody rights of their children.
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3 thoughts on “VIDEO: Rep. Gonzalez Says Family Courts Hurting Families

  1. I had lost all hope in our court system and our government. Until I met Rep Gonzalez. She actually cares and wants to see things change! Thank you

  2. Thank you Representative Minnie Gonzalez, you are truly doing work for all of Connecticut’s families. I have met you at the Task Force hearing January 9, 2014 and another day at New Haven Superior Court. Please do keep me on your side. It is truly horrific what goes on with some cases, including, what my son has had to endure. PAS, GAL issues & vendor conflicts of interest has largely taken money out of our children’s college funds. Also, there are too many parents who have lost their children simply because they are Prose/self-represented persons that cannot afford attorney fees & costs. The legal fund has a below poverty income limit to qualify. The costs of time, fees, jobs and families lost is the shame of our society. I am slandered & threatened because I try to represent my position to the judge. I have been retaliated against by a system that I once believed in and worked for.
    But please do know that it is not all judges on the family court bench that are the problem, there are some excellent, fair & caring judges on the bench. I implore upon you Representative Gonzalez to work with US Attorney Daley and continue with your investigations to remove the abusers from the system and to reform through legislation to have our rights to raise our children without judicial oppression. Please mandate shared uniform custody and reform child support, punish PAS offenders, and I challenge us to mandate that all court proceedings be televised and recorded and made available to the public or anyone requesting a transcript. This would demand fair that everyone must be treated fairly by anyone sitting on the bench. This system rewards the rich and the powerful if you cannot afford a lawyer.
    What ever happened to, “The best interests of the minor child?”
    God Bless you Minnie and all of those fighting for our children~

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