Op-Ed: It Should Have Been A Proud Moment For Cubans, But….


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Photo credit: Wikipedia.com

It could’ve, would’ve, should’ve been a proud moment for all Cuban-Americans to see a Miami son make a bid for the U.S. presidency.
After all, Republican Sen. Marco Rubio certainly pulled at the heart strings using the historic Freedom Tower where Cuban refugees were processed during the Freedom Flights as the backdrop to his prime news hour announcement Monday night.
But in his ambitious quest to win Anglo conservative voters in Middle America, Rubio chose — and charted again in his presidential campaign speech — a political path that put him at odds with the uniqueness and progressiveness of contemporary South Florida.
It’s not that he’s a Republican, it’s that Rubio is an ultra conservative Republican who rose to power by embracing tea party right-wing ideology with evangelic eagerness. As we say in English and Spanish, he’s become more papist than the pope. Only his Texan counterpart and rival for the GOP nomination, Sen. Ted Cruz, is more extremist in his views. They’re both bad choices for the Republican Party if winning the presidency in a demographically changing country is what they seek.

At 43, Rubio may be the youngest candidate in the field age-wise, but his platform and ideas are old and regressive.

A climate-change denier, this would-be world leader didn’t even mention one of the most important issues facing communities across the globe — and drowning his own. But he didn’t hesitate to bring up the paternalist issue that for scores of women disqualifies him from being a good candidate for any office, much less the presidency: women’s rights to make decisions about their reproductive health.
We didn’t wage battles against sexism throughout our lives to endorse Republican troglodytes like Rubio who won’t leave alone the historic Roe vs. Wade decision, and will, if elected president, get to appoint like-minded federal judges.
Rubio claims that he’s the youthful alternative and that in the case of other candidates, “too many of their ideas are stuck in the 20th century,” but he’s the one clinging to the past.

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One thought on “Op-Ed: It Should Have Been A Proud Moment For Cubans, But….

  1. So Rubio is not the “right” kind of Latino, just as Cruz was labeled “uppity” by The New Yorker for daring to have opinions independent of Progressive activist dogma.
    I miss when Latin/Hispanic culture was promoted as inclusive, where “Anglo” people were encouraged to appreciate what was unique and beautiful about these cultures. I remember one of my favorite movies as an “Anglo” teen was “Like Water for Chocolate” because it was told from the point of view of the youngest generation telling a family story and that resonated as an American; most Americans have family stories about ancestors coming here and struggling to fit in, struggling to find their place in America and the magic of family histories and ancestral pasts.
    That was during an artistic trend of inclusive multicultural appreciation, nothing like the purist, exclusivity of people who refuse to extend a hand to those who don’t pass the skin color and last name test. It’s sad.

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