Op-Ed: Five Reasons Latinos Won't Vote For Ted Cruz

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John Paul Brammer
Blue Nation Review

Liberals across the country rejoiced today as Ted Cruz announced that he is officially running for president, thus ensuring a plentiful gaffe harvest for progressive writers like myself to feed upon for months.
The GOP has pretty much nothing to gain from Cruz’s decision to throw his hat in the ring. In fact, if anything, it will probably hurt them, as Cruz will only serve to solidify the idea that Republicans are anti-women, anti-LGBT, and anti-immigrant.
Yes, Ted Cruz, the son of an immigrant from Cuba, is anti-immigrant.
As a Latino, I can tell you right now that Latinos won’t be lining up to vote for Ted Cruz just because of his last name or his heritage. Latino voters look at the issues, and judging by Cruz’s record, he’s going to have a hard time winning the community over.
Here are five reasons why Latino’s would never vote for him:

1. He is Anti-Immigrant

immigration flag
Ted Cruz has particularly harsh views on immigration. He rose to power in Texas on a staunch opponent of “amnesty” policies. It would seem that having an immigrant father hasn’t influenced Cruz’s treatment of other immigrants. Maybe that’s why in his 2012 senate race in Texas, Latinos overwhelmingly voted for his opponent.

2. He Doesn’t Believe in Climate Change

don't believe in climate change
Latinos see themselves as committed to the protection of the environment. A 2013 poll found that 76 percent of Latinos agree that the planet is heating up, 14 percent higher than whites. Latino communities have also been forced out of their homes due to fracking. Cruz’s belief that science doesn’t support the theory of global warming will be a tough sell to Latinos.

3.. He is Anti-Obamacare

In 2010, nearly one in three uninsured people in the United States was Hispanic or Latino. Employer-based insurance is the most common form of insurance for Latinos to have, but they are far less likely to have it than their non-Latino peers. Ted Cruz will do everything he can to repeal Obamacare, which offers benefits for Latinos.

4. He is Bad for Education

Father Reading to Children
Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) has done amazing things for Latino students. It has given them a chance at a better future. Since DACA, more Latino parents believe their children will get an education past high school. Ted Cruz would put an end to that.

5. He is Ted Cruz



Ted Cruz has made it clear he doesn’t plan on reaching out to the Latino community. His track record speaks to that, and a cursory glance at his political career reveals that he is, to put it delicately, off his rocker.
So, no, Latinos will not be voting for Ted Cruz.
Nor should anyone else.
This article first appeared in Blue Nation.com


5 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Five Reasons Latinos Won't Vote For Ted Cruz

  1. I have two things in common with Ted Cruz, I am Hispanic and I’m a Christian. Other than that, I think he’s a moron to the “nth” degree! Go drink some of the tea!

  2. Hola Carlos! I posted that very same message on my FaceBook page yesterday! Unfortunately, we also share a last name. What a shame!

  3. Hold up, folks! Let’s not rush to judgement based on some preliminary remarks and first impressions; and, please, let’s put aside our political ideologies for a moment. I’m neither a Democrat nor a Republican but I give an ear to Ted Cruz’s credentials and his well thought out political worldview – even, if parts of it are bit “goofy.” Let’s face it, no one else in the Latino community, with or without his impressive background, is standing out there saying, “hey folks, I can be President of all the people of the United States.” Isn’t that what Barack Obama said? We all know that campaign rhetoric is just that, campaign rhetoric – much of it never gets implemented because the White House is another world from the stump speeches designed to get people’s attention. So, for the moment, let’s just reflect that someone – the son of an immigrant – has decided to stand and say, “here, am I, this is what I have accomplished, what I believe, and will do more, given the opportunity. I have the credentials, the will, and the chutzpah to compete on the national stage.”

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